photoshopped by king me

Goblin Queen: Shall we dance?
Williams: 😳
Since Sarah’s last name is Williams we will just call him that. 😊

I had some old Copic markers from when I was a kid and thought I’d give them a whirl. I’m so happy with how this turned out. Thank you to all the people that reblogged and liked my sketch of this from before. ❤️
Media: Copic Markers, Sakura inking pens,colored pencils, metallic paint pens, and SketchPro app.

Art by: ivie-is-sketching again


                                                                 Francis & Mary

                                                   King & Queen / Husband & Wife


Team Sarumi: Episode 12 Edition



The roles of each characters are probably not definitive, I would make soe changes at the end. Maybe put Asgore with Toriel as Heart King instead of Sans … but which is their jack then ? And what about diamonds king ?

Argh I don’t know yet but if you are any suggestions, I’ll take it !

That Butler, Eccentric +⤑ Starring Sebastian Michaelis as the Crazy Cat Lady [p. 1]