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Please help me :( When I make a gif, it is of poor quality. Why? :(

  • Well, first of all to make a quality gif you need a quality video file. If you are downloading from youtube always download the video in the highest quality you can and if downloading shows or movies, always download 720p or 1080p files. Yes it takes longer to download but the results will be very noticeable!
  • While some people like the ‘import video frames to layers’ option, I prefer to capture gif frames externally and load them into photoshop. (If you don’t know how to do this then check out these tutorials: Capturing with KMPlayer (x), Loading frames into PS (x)) I feel this helps give a better result.
  • Sharpen sharpen sharpen! You must always sharpen your gifs. To do this go to Filter>Sharpen>Smart Sharpen and use these settings:


  • You need to sharpen all the layers before you make the animation! Do this either by selecting each layer individually and pressing Ctrl+F or by following this tutorial (x). Oh and sharpen after you have resized the gif.
  • On the topic of resizing gifs, make sure it is either 500px (one gif per row), 245px (two gifs per row) or 160px (three gifs per row.
  • You need to find a good PSD to add to your gif! Colouring can make all the difference. There are plenty of PSD blogs about, we post lots of them or look under the PSD tag!
  • When saving your gif, make sure your settings look something like this:
  • Finally file size matters, keep your gifs under 1MB or they won’t move (2MB for 245px gifs but sometimes this won’t work)

I hope that helped, I’ll show you the difference betweeen a well made gif and a not well made gif!

Exhibit A: A gif from a bad quality video file with no sharpen or PSD:

Exhibit B: A gif made from a high quality video file with sharpening and a PSD

I hope that helps!