SO yesterday i posted about this idea of chat blog for photoshoppers and today i already made the blog for it so here we go

WHAT IS PHOTOSHOPCHAT?So i made this blog or ‘chatroom’ for anyone who likes photoshopping! we will share our ideas and help each other to improve!WHO CAN JOIN?It doesnt matter if you’re newbie or professional anyone who wants to can join it. Also it doesnt matter when you join we’re always open!HOW WILL YOU HELP ME WITH PHOTOSHOP?Photoshopbabe co-owners will be 'teachers’ and our followers that join this blog will be 'students’ so i hope its gonna be fun for both sides :D You can ask us how to do this or that and we will help you as much as we can :)WHAT ARE THE RULES?There is only one rule: no rudeness! and if someone will post their edit and ask for the opinion nobody can repost it! If someone breaks the rule you’ll be kicked out instantly.HOW DO I JOIN?If you want to join simply submit the email you registred with here. 'How do i know i was added?’ check your email accaunt and follow the link in it to join :).It may take a while to send the email so just wait one day and if you werent added submit it again.The email will be sent by Tumblr. IS THIS SAFE?No worries this is not virus or hack i would never do anything such. i only want to chat with my followers and help people with photoshop.————–-——————also if you want to know how did i made the gif on this post ask after you join ;)