8 Signs Your Ego Is Stopping You from Getting Ahead

8 Signs Your Ego Is Stopping You from Getting Ahead

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Confidence is sexy. A bloated ego, however, is anything but. The effects of arrogance go far beyond sex appeal. More often than not, your own ego can stand in the way of our success, growth and relationships. Sometimes this is all so subtle that you don’t feel it. You may even consider yourself humble and people may have nothing but nice things to say about you. But an inflated ego is not always…

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Some progress photos I took to see how things are going. Currently 77kgs/169lbs. The goal is to drop another 4kgs/9lbs and see how lean I look at that weight. My cut has been extremely slow in order to maintain as much strength and muscle mass as possible. I’ve really been trying to bring up my hamstrings and calves!