Selling my Wacom Intuos3 6 x 11-Inch Pen Tablet and Photoshop 5

Wacom Intuos3

I’ve had it for about 5 years. It works perfectly, especially if you download the new driver form online.[ Not the disk copy.] I didn’t even realize you could change the nibs for the longest time, so I have a whole bunch still. Comes with Corel Painter [older version]  Mouse has never been used. It’s very wide, as you can see here:


I will sell it for $150 to my tumblr peeps. [ feel free to ask me any questions!]


Selling Photoshop 5 [ mac] 

Only installed once, and working perfectly.  All disks are in the box, the license is transferable. 


[Sadly mine only works on macs.]

Selling for $150 [ Please feel free to ask me anything!] 


Literal screenshot of a 15 min animation test on Surface Pro RT. #goodtimes #Rusty #bumpingaround #Photoshop5


Toujours Akuchiko mais dans une version qui se rapproche de moi réellement.

Détails:Flat color/texture galaxie (pour le haut)

J’avais oubliée °u°, je dessine sur ordinateur , avec une tablette graphique (Wacom Bamboo Pen and touch small) et j’utilise le logiciel Paint tool sai.Aussi Krita ,Photoshop5 mais pas très souvent ~

Voila voila ~

Chux <3