“Something in this scene is just a little bit... off.”

Carl the Animator: “Uhh… that the random lady’s hair looks like a lightning bolt, or possibly a hedgehog?”

Ted the Animator: “No, that’s not it.”

Carl the Animator: “That Velma’s lei looks like it’s made out of salami?”

Ted the Animator: “…gross, but no.”

Carl the Animator: “Well, I c–”

Ted the Animator: “OH! Oh! Part of her nose disappears!”

Carl the Animator: “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Ted the Animator: “I must’ve forgotten to re-align the lower bit when she turns her head. I’ll fix it in a sec, just need a coffee refill first.”

Carl the Animator: “Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.”

Ted the Animator: “…hm?”

Ted the Animator: “…this was not the fix I had in mind.”

Carl the Animator: “Perhaps… but it was the fix the world needed.”

god I hate live action Beauty and the Beast: a roast post

I’m sick of yall telling me I gotta like this glitter glue cupcake and that if I don’t I’m a monster. Here’s a list of everything I hate personally and you can’t stop me

*Oh my God the beast face. Ooooh my god. They reduced his animalistic features so he no longer has the trademark hunch, lowered brow, or tusks. He has little baby vampire teeth. Pathetic. Give him tusks you cowards

*Because they reduced that it looks like a human face with a large nose photoshopped onto an uncomfortably large buffalo head and it made me queasy every time he was on screen

*Nearly all the object servants have hollow soulless beady eyes which also weirded me out to the point where I wanted them off the screen as soon as possible

*The camerawork for Evermore suggests it’s supposed to be sweeping and grand but why in God’s good name did they go through all the trouble and effort into writing a bland and inferior version of If I Can’t Love Her that isn’t musically interesting and doesn’t reach the high notes it should. Go listen to If I Can’t Love Her and then Evermore and tell me which one is better. Spoiler alert. It’s not Evermore.

*Everything is so extra. Please let me rest. Literally does everything need 3 layers of tarnished gold filigree. Leave my eyes alone

*Cry “practical simple elegance” all you want, that dress looks like a $100 Macy’s prom dress and was clearly designed for easy merchandising. At the very least give her the gloves oh my god

*why the F U C K would you take out the iconic stained glass intro for live action

*Emma Watson can’t sing. If they did put the Broadway songs in, no way could she pull off Home. She can’t do it. No harm in it but she wasn’t cut out for these songs

*They put the cut line about growing a beard again back in which implies Belle is a massive furry and into ripped buffalo men

*Lefou being gay is fine. I’m glad Disney at least attempted some kind of representation after all these years. But I really wish that his happy ending A: wasn’t a short 2 second clip at the end and B: Didn’t involve the other guy being from a man-in-a-dress joke that the audience was seemingly supposed to laugh at because that seems to imply that Disney thinks men trying feminine clothing and liking it instantly makes them gay which is giving me very bad 1990s Will and Grace vibes which should not be going on in 2017

*fuck i hate the beast’s big weird face

*I don’t know if it’s just me but the CGI makes it look like there’s a bigger age gap than there really is which also worsens the terminal case of Big Weird Face syndrome

*Lumiere is cheating the curse because he’s technically just a tiny brass man.

*Don’t know why Plumette has a bird face. That was freaking me out too

*Court composer maestro piano man is giving me very deep and horrifying flashbacks to the Tim Curry CGI Organ Guy from enchanted christmas and I never want that to be remembered

*Beast’s big lumpy photoshopped uncanny valley baby fangs lumpy lump face on his lumpy head

*removed illiterate Beast subplot

*no Human Again. It’s been 15 years. At least give me that

Long story short I will unapologetically hate this unnecessary cash grab for the fraud that I believe it is, knowing all the while yall ate it up and we’re gonna have to sit through more years of excessive live action remakes because of your collective buffoonery. If you like it, fine. I can’t stop you. But at least know the reason it was made wasn’t out of popular demand.

anonymous asked:

If antis aren't stressed why did someone feel the need to photoshop Louis's eyes, nose and mouth on to Freddie's head to prove they look alike. They couldn't even keep Louis's chin or jaw because they are a completely different shape. If anything it serves to prove the opposite, once you have removed the jaw and chin from the equation it's obvious how different the eyes and nose are, which means the mouth is the only thing remotely similar. But no you aren't desperate or stressed at all.

This is so funny.

1) I don’t believe they didn’t include his chin because they’re hiding anything, but just I’m assuming to keep the photo from being messy with edges everywhere. 

2) You literally admit they have the same eyes, nose and mouth.

3) The crying in the shower part = you acting like having the same eyes, nose and mouth is actually meaningless! Those are tears, my friend. How delusional do you have to be to admit that to yourself but then literally brush it away right after? How much anxiety would it give you just to leave that there?

4) It’s incredibly normal in fandoms to compare their babies to their parents! Happens in every single fandom! People think this stuff is cute! Fans of Beyonce don’t talk about Blue looking like Beyonce and Jay because they’re terrified she’s not real and isn’t theirs, but because it’s cute!

5) Nobody is stressed out about Freddie. Nobody here is making timelines where we need things to happen in order to prove it to ourselves. Nobody is repeating “He got the XXX to not make us a weak Freddie!” every day. Nobody is writing “Freddie is real!” on everyone’s social media sites. Nobody is demanding Louis perform his life a certain way so we can “believe” it. No contract theories, no “we don’t know why it’s happening it just is”, no new Bossmen who act like the old Bossmen.

6) The fact that you projected this stress onto me says it all. You are sooooo stressed and you need to talk yourself out of things constantly! That you think WE experience the stress you believed you would feel in our situation. That’s not normal. I don’t have to sit and compare photos every day because even if Freddie didn’t have his father’s exact features I wouldn’t doubt he existed or that he was his son. It’s just cute he looks like him AND it’s like the universe decided to create Freddie’s DNA having a laugh at Larries. The resemblance is undeniable yet you think he’s going away some time. He’s not. There’s never been a post on here that’s made me reconsider Freddie existing as a human and there never will be.


I have a hump in my nose without photoshop. #girl #women #cute #picoftheday #beautiful #kik

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I’ve never had big problems with my nose. Few years ago I didn’t care about myapperance so it wasn’t important to me how big or small my nose is. Today, when I’m 19 and see a lot of people who get whatever they want because of their flawless face or body I’m not suprised but quite sad. I think it’s not fair and every time when I take a photo myself I’m extremely dissatisfied. I don’t have good profile of my face (imo) because of my nose. I photoshopped once a pic with smaller nose and I felt guilty. You know why? Because it wasn’t me. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. This sentence slapped me in my face and also my friends that I showed photoshopped pic said they don’t see difference between my nose and this smaller. It’s heart-warming and I think we should fight with ours hung-ups, complexs cause we are the most beautiful only when we are yourself. And as we all can see, they’re so many people who look like us, with the same “problems” but for us they’re pretty, quite like you and me! :)

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