hello everyone!! i recently hit my first big goal so i decided it’s a good reason to make my first follow forever!! i wanted to show appreciation for my lovely mutuals, you really make this place so fun!! thank you for making my dash look so beautiful ♡  sorry if i excluded anyone, some people changed urls and i couldn’t find them… and if you’re following me from a sideblog i could forget to check it ;;

special shout out to @leejinks for teaching me pretty much everything photoshop related, i’m sorry i’m so dumb but you can’t escape me, ily too

to @jimissi​ aka my bro. my lovely dude. thank you for loving and accepting me as i am, i know that even that pineapple discourse can’t tear us apart

anyway here’s a list of some really wonderful people, thank you sososo much for following me!! ♡

favorites are bolded

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anonymous asked:

Anon from before; like idk I never used photoshop so I probably sound dumb but the thing that makes your picture look all colorful isn’t that a psd? Or a action?

Here’s the psd I use on my pictures :) I got your other ask about being on mobile so you’re just gonna have to look at my FAQ when you’re on pc if you wanna know how I photoshop my pics - for some more info ^_^

Why You Shouldn't Give Up | Patty Walters [x]
I've always been a super emotional person,
but lately there have been so many events
that have triggered these really emotional flashbacks.

anonymous asked:

do you have a link to download photoshop? im so dumb sorry dcghjdhghgdf

no because you have to go search the tags and do your lurking around for them and i’m not going through all the effort. But just search tags like “photoshop download link” and there will be tutorials. There are two different tutorials that will come up: 1) download free trial and do some code stuff 2) download the software


“The brilliance of the faction system is the conformity of the faction removes the threat of anyone exercising their own independent will. Divergents threaten that system. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a certain beauty in your resistance, your defiance of categorization but it’s a beauty we can’t afford.”