No matter how scary it gets, you must always wear a smile that says “I’m fine!” For in this world, the ones who smile are the strongest of all.  -Nana Shimura (7th OfA holder)

When I reached chapter 90, the waterworks started.

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Ahh sorry to ask but could you please draw furuta from tg, (your art is amazing I'd love to see him in your art style) thanks you Sm xx

hey i just want you to know i kept opening my laptop and this thing would pop up and scare the crap out of me

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how do you make your art look like it glows? you don't have to answer if it is your special technique

no special technique at all haha, it’s actually pretty simple! i used medibang to create this, but the same technique can be used in photoshop!

  • (1) have the elements you want glowing on a single layer. if you want the glow to have a particular colour you can make those elements that colour.
  • (2) duplicate that layer and set the top layer to the blending mode ‘add’. you can find this option at the top of the box with all your layers (the default setting is usually ‘normal’). you’ll notice that the elements will now be lighter!
  • (3) while the top layer is selected, go to filter > gaussian blur (or if you’re in photoshop filter > blur > gaussian blur). then play with the values until you get you desired glow effect. if you want the glow to be more intense, you can duplicate that top layer and then adjust the opacity to get your perfect intensity.

another way i get a glowing effect on my painted characters is with an overlay technique. i basically create a new layer on top of the character/object and then set the blending mode to overlay. i then take a big airbrush with a light-ish highlight colour and blob in some glows next to areas of sharp shadow!

hope this was helpful!

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wait whats surface blur??

Hey, there! Surface blur is a filter on Photoshop that can help smooth out your GIFs so that they look better! It’s easier for me to show you!

GIF-Surface Blur Tutorial - by

This is a quick and easy GIF-Surface Blur Tutorial made with both the fresh faced beginner and seasoned veteran in mind.

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kuromeeh  asked:

Hello! Can tell please how do you stroke the white near the liner and very thin on the edges, is it a feature of your brushes? I hope I clearly put it .. sorry !!

It’s from a filter from Photoshop called sharpen! Here it is:

You can adjust the amount and radius to get sharper and crisp image!

I think it become more visible when the image is resized smaller afterwards!

I hope this helps!

Mini tutorial: Use subdivision surface modifier to smooth baking results

I’d like to share this trick I recently discovered. Please read my other tutorial on baking shadow for clothes if you don’t know what baking is.

Here’s a baking result. You can see the shade is a bit rough with harsh edges. Normally I’ll do a surface smooth filter in Photoshop. This tutorial will show you how to smoothen the result before going into Photoshop. 

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