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Do you try to use the least amount of brush strokes possible when you blend? I try to use the biggest brush possible with the least amount of brushstrokes when I blend because when I use smaller sized brushes, I get this weird lumpy gradient that doesn't go well with the painting.

Usually on bigger pieces I use the least amount of strokes possible only near the beginning (when I’m trying to lay out shapes, colors, and values).  After the first hour or two, I stop worrying about stroke economy and kinda blend as much as humanly possible.  Like, to blend in Photoshop, I use the eyedropper tool (aka the color picker), which is bound to the ‘alt/option’ key on my computer.  When I’m blending after the beginning stage, I tap that key multiple times a second, essentially throwing brushstroke efficiency out the window. I’d only pause if I needed to draw something not blending related like strands of hair or highlights or little stars.  

Example of a pic in which I’m trying to use a smaller amount of strokes below.

Despite my terrible photoshop attempt to blend the two pictures together, I’m really proud of this image.

Genderfluid, she/her pronouns, my name is Megan and I may hate certain parts of my body sometimes but the day I discovered the word and the meaning of genderfluid was the day my life changed for the better.

I’d love to meet more people who are genderfluid, non-conforming, non-binary, hell I’d like to meet the whole fucking rainbow so if you’re LGBT or an ally, don’t be afraid to say hello.

tutorial: how to get rid of transparent borders around gifs

if your gifs appear to have these pesky borders around them (most noticeable in dark gifs), you can get rid of them by changing your default color blend mode. the borders do not depend on the way you crop your gifs, but rather the color photoshop uses to blend transparent pixels. 

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How do you do the texturing on t-shirts/dresses? They always look so amazingly realistic! Is it just good lighting practice or Photoshop or? Either way, I like what you're doing c:

oh thanks! ;w; i’m sorry in advance if this isn’t helpful at all i’m terrible at explaining things! i’m not sure if you mean texturing as in pattern overlay, or line texture, so i’ll explain both! i try to give the illusion of fabric through the linework and lighting! in digital painting, we observed and did some 30 second studies on fabric laying on things, and it was very helpful for getting important folds and tension points! 

 For texture/ pattern overlay, i usually use layer modes in photoshop like multiply to blend a pattern with a color layer or you can take two images and blend them together there’s alot of cool modes! i use a texture for hanzo’s tattoo occasionally and set the layer mode to “multiply” under a skin color layer!

the layer modes is the drop down box and layer order

Here is the texture without and with multiply on!


Fun Fact: I make 75% of my memes on mobile.

Adobe Lightroom: Basic photo editing

Photoshop Mix: The holy grail. Most of my editing is done in this app. Allows cutting and blending images.

Photoshop Brush: Drawing

Photoshop Fix: Brush healing and content-aware. Super useful for fixing and modifying photos.

Adobe Comp: Use this shit to add text and shapes.

Spark Post: Not as powerful as using Mix+Comp, but still churns out quick memes.

Others I don’t use as much, but might be useful to someone else.

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uuUUHH QUESTION it is how do you make your art look sO NICE thanks (your art looks very nice) (esp your colors n your faces) (it isn't actually a question if you wanna talk about your process feel free but it's mostly just a roundabout compliment)

omg im crying this is very sweet!!!

And i’m not very good at explaining my process but lately I’ve been taking a lot of inspiration from artists like jc leyendecker and mead schaeffer , especially in terms of their use of color! I very much recommend checking them out; leyendecker in particular is one of my favorite artists of all time and when I really need some inspo I always go to his work!

Also, if you want to go for this style of painting, I recommend paint sai over photoshop because it’s blending style is a little more conducive! Focus on the areas of light and dark and in terms of hue, dont be afraid to experiment. If you look at Ollie’s face in the last pic you’ll see that I relied mostly on greens, yellows, browns, and reds but there’s actually a bit of blue-grey in there as well! And here’s the brush I used for the majority of the last picture 

Thanks again and hope this was at all helpful!!!


Flo’s Cafe, Disneyland CA by James Palmer

bellechere #WCW Its the incomparable BelleChere, This image is a composite from 3 different photos, the image of Belle is Of her incredible rendition of Lady Death, possibly the best version of this Character ever. (Belles Photo).
The 2 other photos are, sunset in Wales where i live, and the other is a graveyard in Prague, they are my own photos.
i have enlarged the picture somewhat, (this version is scaled down for web, Belle if you want the Larger version i will mail it to you?)
Used masks in Photoshop to blend layers together and various filters blah blah.
Hope you like it?
Credit BelleChere

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You use (used to use) both Sai and Photoshop. Is there a noticeable difference when drawing in Photoshop? Because I know it has a LOT of different tools whereas Sai is meant for drawing alone, and I was wondering if it was better. Thank you 😊

The programs are pretty much the same but there are several differences; to keep it short imma use bullet points:

  • brushes in photoshop do not blend, they work on lowered opacity while in sai you can experience the smoothness of blending with basically every tool;
  • as much as sai can blend stuff it doesn’t have the gradient tool which sucks in the long run; Photoshop has it and the variety of options is bombing
  • brushes in photoshop are bombing too, and definitely far more developed, textury and exotic than those in SAI (tho those in Sai arent half bad)
  • Sai is simpler which is both an advantage and disadvantage; the interface is very appealing while photoshop might be confusing at times (especially when it comes to brushes, holy shit)
  • ps has X^n more options and effects than sai, this involves layer effects, adjusting colours and B L U R I N G FILTERS that let you do super cool stuff with your art
  • photoshop allows big ass brushes and big ass canvas while sai is limited af in that area and for that reason crashes wayyy more often than PS (not to mention that PS creates a back up ver of your current work so you don’t lose EVERYTHING)
  • PS is EXPENSIVE AS SHIT while Sai is like 20$

To sum up, Sai is alright and definitely recommended for people who are starting, but oh boy there are reasons why I switched to Photoshop

Shuden from Brandon Sanderson’s Elantris

I am half way through this book and I am hooked to it. This is my first Sanderson novel and I believe will read more of his works after this. If anyone have any recommendations, that would be great. :)

On another note, I’m trying out coloring/painting in clip studio paint. If feels very different from photoshop, good and bad. Blending feels really good but I barely have any control over the opacity. I will need more practice and research.

ART 101: Blending 🎨

here’s a few blending tips, requested by morrriigan :^)

Use a rough brush first, highlight darker/lighter areas, and then start blending using a softer brush (or multiple brushes - though i use only one because i’m lazy ahaha). create a new layer for each step (it helps a lot)

don’t be afraid to change your brush settings often! you need to be 100% comfortable with the brush you’re using.

you also need to remember that skin is red/yellow/blue-ish in places. create a new layer, set it on multiply/soft light (depends how dark your picture is) and using a soft (!!) brush with low flow & opacity, highlight some areas like this. trust me, it’ll make your painting look much more plastic!! ->

and now, a few important tips:

  • NEVER, I REPEAT, NEVER SHADE WITH BLACK. unless you’re painting a B/W portrait. dark red/brown/purple/orange,.. - yes, black - no!
  • don’t use a round brush to paint freckes. freckles are not perfect circles. i suggest looking up free freckle brushes, there’s a lot of them on DA/tumblr! (i paint them using my default brush i use for literally everything, just with different settings, so that’s a possibility, too — if you use a messier brush that also works as a freckle brush)
  • there are websites with skin color swatches, use those!!
  • USE REFERENCES!!!!!!!!!

Little tip to help blend colours more nicely! (Photoshop)

You see on the left how the red and green have brown during the transition? That’s ugly. We don’t want it to blend colours like that.

On the right the other hand, it blends correctly! It goes from red then yellow and then to green! It’s correct!

How do you do this? It’s very simple:

Go to Edit->Color Settings…

Remember to check Blend RGB Colors Using Gamma and it should solve the weird colour blending problem.

Hope this was of help!