When I saw the new Russian cover for the Kane Chronicles: The Serpent`s Shadow, I knew something felt too familiar…

My poor, poor Carter has been photoshopped with the body of Dylan O`Brien…


disney princess films: romantic duets

A duet is any piece of music made for two singers or instruments. They show up mainly in music-oriented media, like songs, musicals, and opera.Due to the intimacy that comes with sharing a song, by far the most common form of duet is the Silly Love Songs type, where the two participants are meant to be lovers. (x)

Note: Romantic songs sung by characters other than the lovers are excluded. For example, Kiss the Girl is sung by Sebastian and friends- Eric and Ariel do not sing along.

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Random daydreaming(?) Oikawa in class….because after all there’s not ONLY volleyball on the schedule. (and i need to practice more everyday situations… and i wanted to play around with photoshop..which … was a catastrophe… i am too stupid for this…*clutches Sai to chest* ._.   )