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When I saw the new Russian cover for the Kane Chronicles: The Serpent`s Shadow, I knew something felt too familiar…

My poor, poor Carter has been photoshopped with the body of Dylan O`Brien…

Sparkl Fashion /  Iwalani Designs Review

** Warning! Long review coming! but worth the read….


I normally ONLY post updates about my artwork and upcoming products but this is unacceptable and I can’t let this happen to someone else.

Please reblog and share with your friends and make sure they don’t order from this store!

Sparkl Fashion/ Iwalani Designs Review

Dear Sparklebombb Fans,

I feel it is my duty to inform future and potential clients of “Sparkl Fashion/ Iwalani Designs” (ugh. we are completely not affiliated with each other. “Sparkle” was just an unhappy coincidence.) that they might get robbed by this girl. Gabi Hall is the owner of this online/pop up shop store and she will falsely advertise some of her items. She is careless, irresponsible, and a thief.

Please know it actually pains me to write a review like this because I am also an entrepreneur and I love to support others like me. But I find it extremely offensive that she would treat her clients/fans/customers with this kind of lack of customer service. She makes the rest of us look bad! She clearly doesn’t understand that her fans make HER DREAMS into reality. Without them she is nothing. Never dismiss someone that takes the time to love the things you create. And with that being said, my experience was a sack of steaming crap.

I purchased this alleged “White Sparkl Kimono” (and I use kimono LOOSELY and almost comically after you see the pictures) and I did not receive my item for over a MONTH (bought the item May 21st, got the item June 29th. Now to fill in the blanks a little bit, there was some S L O W back and forth from Gabi herself. After 1 WEEK of nothing (no tracking, no “your package has been sent”, nothing.), I politely emailed her and asked about the status of my package. After 3 days later (slow. Like I said, I don’t understand that. I am GLUED to my phone with special notifications and bleep bloops when I get orders. My clients shouldn’t have to pay for my forgetfulness or busy lifestyle. That isn’t their problem) She failed to inform any of her customers that she was on some trip somewhere that would make her not be able to fill out orders. (Girl. It’s called automated email and that gets sent out to anyone that is making a purchase, BUT the correct thing to do is just shut down your store or post a notification that states you will be out and will not be able to fill out orders. So rude.) She apologizes and informs me that her and her “team” are filling out orders as we speak. Fine girl. Fine. I getchu. I understand the grind of online orders. No problem.

3 MORE WEEKS passed after that last exchange. (Hey. I have a project too, it’s call my life? Things got busy and I totally forgot about my item. Until I remembered that I have not received it and I bought it so long ago.) I emailed her again, asking what the status of my package and if she can provide a tracking number. If the mailman f-ed it up, I’ll tear into him and not her. I was trying to do her a favor~

She later informs me that  

“We have found your package and apologize for the delay. Your package was sent back to us and we have re sent the item.”

UM. HELLO. WHERE WAS THE NOTIFICATION? WHERE WAS THE SINGING TELEGRAM? She’s already over 3 weeks late on her promise on her site that shipping/processing takes around 5-8 days. In real life. Just an email to inform me that my package was going to be late would of been fine. Instead of no communication at all. (I personally would of felt even more aware of this client if I have already had a strike against me.) She did however, offer me a 40% off coupon that I will never use because this situation was ridiculous, and a free bikini that she failed to even ask what size I was. (When I received the bikini it was a bikini for ants.

I am more full chested and would have needed a bigger size. I can’t wear this bikini out.) She also failed to mention HOW I can redeem my 40% off coupon, because her website… a mess. Super hard to navigate, and extremely not user friendly.


 I MISTAKENLY THOUGHT (yes I’ll own up to this, maybe because I’ve been spoiled by real companies that actually give a crap about customer service and having a client COME BACK to buy again. OOPS.) that she would of oped for the faster shipping because she’s messed up twice now. It took her 3 DAYS to respond back to me again. And I informed her that it’s SO not okay to treat your customers this way. This is appalling behavior and to ignore me would just make things worse. By this time I wanted a complete refund for my time and troubles. I don’t even care about this item anymore. I was so excited and so happy to order this item and to support another small business that by this point I just wanted this to be over. I was so disappointed. I told her ahead of time that:

“I do not want to do this [write a review and tell my friends] because I understand what it is like to be an entrepreneur and to create things but I also highly and strongly value my own customers/clients and provide excellent customer service when I can. It is so unfortunate that it has come to this but I can’t allow you to treat future clients this way and take their money and run. It’s just not right.”

She informed me that the shipping was not her fault and that all orders take around 5-8 days to process and ship. (yes I agree, but YOUU messed up twice, doesn’t that merit an exception for YOUR mistake?) She reminded me like I somehow forgotten that she already gave me some “free stuff” and that basically if I’m not a costumer anymore…well …oh well sorry about it.

First of all I did not receive a tracking number at all. And I kindly reminded HER that, “There was nowhere stated that you or your store would be out of commission when you were on your trip. AND by that time it was over 2 weeks delayed. As of right now, I still do not have a package in my hands and since you’ve stated that sparkl fashion takes responsibility for this mix up, frustration, and inconvenience I might add, I would still appreciate a full refund on this transaction.”


I will just show you the pictures, and have them tell you the rest of the story……

This is what the site image showed for the item that I wanted, ignore her crazy photoshopping on the image. I actually had to search for this image on google because the listing is mysteriously gone now. It’s pretty cute right? Easy to layer, easy to pair with clothes…. $36.00 total.

And this….is what I got in the mail my pretties………..

is..that….RAW FABRIC? A RAW HEM? lawd have mercy………..

I think I was speechless for a minute. This looks like some cheap gross mesh fabric that she had lying around and decided to trace two dinner plates and called it a “kimono.”

….geishas are crying around the world……….How dare you call this a kimono….

After all that fuss back and forth if the item was AT LEAST cute and wearable….this wouldn't be AS BAD. But she has not responded to my emails for that refund and has ignored it and I encourage you all to again reblog this and share it! I want to save you from making an even bigger purchase from her and then losing your money because she is stubborn, doing false advertising, and wont admit that she was wrong in this situation.

**edit: I try to be as fair as I can be, (and yes after ignoring my warning that even though I did not want to tumblr blast her) she finally after me going through the drama of informing another store that carries her brand that she’s this kind of seller, and after some unnecessary back and forth FINALLY. gave me a refund. BUT. as I’ve mentioned in the post above, she is irresponsible and careless…..she didn’t refund me my full amount which included shipping. Only for the item. What a mess of a situation. I just want this to be OVER. DONE. She didn’t take money from me ( well not completely) but she can’t refund me my time and experience.