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saudade (n.);; a deep emotional state of nostalgic and profound longing to be near again to an absent something, or someone that one loves.


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[Why do you like Emma?] “I think when you take away all, like, the premieres and press stuff and all the special effects, then you just come down to the fact that it’s all about acting, and I think that has been the best bit for me.” -Emma Watson

Beautiful Things

Request: Nah.

Word Count: 1665

Summary: Reader is in Peter’s photography class and very bitter about their less than optimal grade, especially compared to “Perfect Parker.” One night he hand delivers them the perfect way to an ‘A’.

Ships: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: None. Enjoy your fluff.

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A/N: Some of this fic was co-written by @problemforfuturetech . I really recommend you check out their blog!!!!!

You wandered around Queens, hoping for anything to get you a passing grade in photography. Maybe your teacher, Mr. Nichols, would be a more lenient if “Perfect Peter Parker” turned in one bad photo. No, every single one of his pictures was an awesome shot from an interesting angle. Most were from impossible heights. How could you compete? But, of course Peter set the standard.

It was past midnight, and you were hoping for some human interest. Unfortunately, most “human interest” out at this hour was a bit… sketchy. So far more than six people had asked you for money, and you’d quickly jogged past too many dark alleys with ominous sounds of drug deals and drunk men at the end.

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drakengaard  asked:

Hi! I didn't see this anywhere on your faq or tutorials, so i hope its ok to ask! is there a blur tool on photoshop elements 8 or do you use some kind of technic for blending? your colouring is extremely natural and i can't get the same effect on photoshop (i use cs5). Your art is seriously amazing!

Of course it’s okay to ask me things :D

Ahh, the blur tool… now, this is just my completely unprofessional opinion here but I hate it. I never use it. I don’t encourage anyone to use it. And I’m going to tell you why.

The blur tool can lead to lazy painting. Using it means you dont have to mix and therefore you lose a lot of tone and value in skin shades. I find that using it can take away precision and control because you’re letting the transitions between colours depend almost entirely on the computer, which ties into the second part of your question. to get a “natural” feel you can’t rely on the computer, let me show you.

Really look at these. If this was someones skin, which looks more natural?The hand mixed one. How? The blurred one has two colours, the hand mixed one started with two, then I mixed two more intermediate colours, then I hand blended them together, effectively creating several more colours. Even though the blurred one has technically mixed the colours, one colour is so light and the other so dark that the blur tool doesn’t provide enough intermediate colours for it to look convincing. 

Using the blur tool also means you lose some control over your colours. In the example above, what if you wanted the dark colour to blur over the light colour, effectively darkening the whole rectangle? You can’t do that with the blur tool, the tool works indifferently and uniformly. If you decide to blur something, you need to be positive that the two colours you’re blurring are in the perfect place, in the perfect lighting, and are close enough together to need no more intermediate colours. But to get that “natural” look you’re talking about you need variation, you need visible brush strokes for texture,imperfection, sharp shadows, and soft gradients, none of which are possible with the mechanical nature of the blur tool.

Some artists manage to make the blur tool work for them, it’s part of their style, and thats totally cool. Personally, I like to have a more painterly feel in my digital art and the strangely airbrushed weirdness of the blur tool just does not work for me. I suggest, especially if you’re new to digital art or art in general, stay away from it and keep yourself from falling into the pit of lazy painting.

Anyway, there’s my rant for the day, on to my own shading technique.

so I start off with my messy line drawing

then I but basic colours underneath with this brush

it has no pen pressure and it’s set at normal, 100% opacity. then using the same brush I do basic shading still underneath the line work to flesh out the light source and skin tone

then using this soft round brush

which is sort of pressure sensitive (it only goes so dark on one stroke, if you want it darker you have to physically lift the pen off the tablet and go over it again) on normal and 100% opacity.

I shade on top of the linework.

This bit isn’t done yet and I’ll refine it with the same round brush only in a smaller size. But look at the left clavicle, theres a very dark shadow and a very light part where the bone rises leaving a sharp shadow between them. some shading is required for the transition between the two parts but if you used the blur tool, you’d lose the sharpness of the edge.

Anyway, I’m not an expert and my way isn’t the “right” way so experiment! See what works for you. But my advice remains; be wary of the blur tool. Mixing colours is an important skill to have in art, in digital and (definitely) traditional mediums. 

Hope this helps!!!


At the same time, I wanna hug you

I wanna wrap my hands around your neck

You’re an asshole but I love you

And you make me so mad I ask myself

Why I’m still here, or where could I go

You’re the only love I’ve ever known

But I hate you, I really hate you,

So much, I think it must be

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true love

Choice || Conor

Conor masterpost found here

Word count - 848

Summary - The one where the hate gets a bit much.

(S/N) means ship name


Being the Conor Maynard’s girlfriend wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. You had been dating for a few months and really cared for him, but sometimes, you wondered if putting up with the fans was even worth it. They were always nit picking every flaw you had and constantly made up nasty rumors. Obviously Conor never believed any of them, but it still got old seeing your Twitter feed full of lies.

One day, you tweeted out that you would be going through the (S/N) tag on Tumblr if anyone wanted to post something they’d like you to see. You were good friends with a lot of YouTubers, so you had quite a big following yourself. Usually the posts on the (S/N) were kind, so you often went on there to escape an exceptionally rotten day.

Today, however, was different.

The tag was full of nasty things about you. It ranged from everything from a horribly photoshopped picture of you edited to be far larger than you really were, or another nasty rumor like you were cheating on Conor with Jack (again, that was a common one). Usually, you could look past it. You could close the app and focus your mind on something else like a book or film, but today, you couldn’t. Today, your eyes were glued to your phone screen, soaking in all the hate and telling yourself that everyone was right.

You finally locked your phone and walked over to your full length mirror. You stripped down to your bra and underwear and stared at the figure in front of you. Your belly stuck out a little and you were convinced you had unflattering hippo hips. Surely Conor could do better than you. Why did he stick with you after all these months?

You hadn’t even realized you had started crying until you felt a tear roll down your nose. You sat down on your knees and put your face in your hands, allowing yourself to cry as your tears rolled down your arms. “(Y/N)?”

You looked up when Conor said your name. He was standing in the doorway to the bedroom, looking at you with worry filled eyes. “Sorry,” you said, trying to wipe away your tears quickly. “I’m fine. Sorry.”

“Babe,” Conor said gently. Your lower lip quivered and your eyes pooled with tears again. Conor quickly closed the bedroom door and came to sit beside you, pulling you onto his lap

“No,” you said, trying to crawl off of him, “I’m gonna squish you.”

“What on earth are you talking about?” he said, urging you to sit close to him again.

“Conor, why are you with me?” you said. “You could do much, much better than me. Surely you know that.”

“(Y/N), what’s gotten into you?” Conor asked, brushing some hair away from your face. “You know I think you’re beautiful.”

“Your fans hate me,” you said, your voice shaking. “They keep making up rumors and photoshopping nasty pictures of me. They constantly tell me I don’t deserve you and honestly everyday I wake up and think they’re right. I’m too big and, and I cry about everything- like this. Why am I crying? It’s not- I’m making this such a big deal and it’s not a big deal. Conor I’m not good at anything I do and there’s got to be someone out there better for you than I am. Why do you suffer through being with me?”

You were still crying and no matter how hard you tried, the tears kept falling. “I’m being stupid,” you said for what felt like the thousandth time. “I just need to accept that fact that you should be with someone else and I should let you go so you can be happy.”

“Hey, look at me,” Conor said gently, pulling your hands away from your face. “Babe, I am happy. I’m so happy. There’s no one out there who’s better for me than you are. I don’t suffer through being with you. I chose to be with you. I don’t want to be with anybody else. Yeah, you have flaws, but so do I. Do you know when the last time I showered was?” You laughed and he smiled and said, “Well, neither do I. I’m disgusting, but you still chose to be with me. That’s the thing (Y/N), it’s choice. Everyday, we chose to be together. We’re not stuck being together and we don’t suffer through it. We wake up every morning excited to be with each other. We ignore what everybody else says and we keep loving each other.”

Conor swiped his thumbs under your eyes, ridding them of any fallen tears. “It’s not going to be easy,” he said quietly. “It’s going to be really hard sometimes. I can’t stop what other people are going to say. All I can do is assure you every second I can that I’m going to keep loving you. Is that okay? Is that enough?” You sniffed, gave Conor a small smile, and nodded.

“Yeah,” you whispered. “Yeah, that’s more than enough.”

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citydin asked: samuel sullivan or adam monroe?

I’ve lived for four hundred years. Who is to say that I’m not going to live four hundred more?

Don't let me go (Sam x reader)

Words: 1903

Warnings: swearing, smut (kind of… if i could call it that…nothing special i swear!)

Fic song: Passenger - Let her go


Could you do a Sam one shot where he keeps pushing you away because he’s afraid you’ll get hurt? Thank you so much!!

Hi! I reeeeealy love your blog! Can you write a one shot where Sam break up with the reader for some reasons (not her fault) and then one night when she’s drunk to forget him, she take a man at the bunker and Sam get really really jealous and it end in fluff or sad(I don’t mind). Thank you!! [sorry if there are some mistake, but I’m Italian ahah]

A/N: Hey! I’d like to apologize first, because I didn’t post any imagines yesterday and today. My computer is really slow (I don’t know why and I hate it) and it takes forever to even open Photoshop. I’ll do anything I can to post some tomorrow, but unfortunately I can’t promise anything.

Your name: submit What is this?


˝I’m sorry Y/N. You and me… It’s not going to work. We can’t be together anymore. ˝

You were looking at Sam and not a word came out of your mouth ever since he started talking. Numbness took over your body and even Sam’s voice slowly faded away. You didn’t show any emotions. You didn’t cry or scream even though you wanted to.

Everything was ok between you and Sam, or at least it seemed like it is. You were a happy couple for almost three months now. Everything was still fresh and from time to time you had to ask yourself if you aren’t dreaming, because before you started dating, you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams that Sam Winchester could like you.

But it looks like you were right before and it was all just some stupid fun for him. He told you a bunch of excuses, like that it’s his fault, not yours and all that crap. But you knew that Sam missed freedom. You’d expect this more from his older brother, but it turned out that they are the same.

Sam finished his speech and quickly left the room, leaving you alone with your thoughts. The voice of door closing woke you up from the numbness. You turned your head to the door as your eyes filled with tears.

‘Sam left you’ said the voice in your head ‘You’re alone now again’.


It’s been little more than two weeks since you and Sam broke up. And even though people say, time heals it hurt you more and more every day. Seeing him everyday, because you’ve lived in the bunker for over a year and you didn’t have any money to move out. That of course meant seeing Sam every day, liking it or not.

Not to mention, that you didn’t speak at all. Every time you entered the room, he left it or pretend like you don’t exist. You caught him looking at you a few times, but he always looked away.

You still had no idea why he broke up with you and you were dying to know. You highly doubted that the truth could hurt you more than you already were.

Entering the library, you saw that Sam was alone in there. As quickly as his eyes spotted you, he got up, ready to leave the room.

˝I’m not gonna bother you Sam, you can stay, ˝you said, trying to prevent your voice from braking ˝Just tell me where Dean is. ˝

Your cold voice shocked Sam a bit, you could read it on his face and for the first time. He tore you apart and seeing him, shocked even if it is for a second, make you smile.

˝Umm I think he went out. ˝ Sam answered shortly.

He was looking you directly in the eyes and you had to put more will into turning around that ever before in your life. You missed Sam. Hell, you couldn’t imagine your life without him in it. There wasn’t a night since the  break up, that you didn’t cry yourself to sleep. Covering puffy face from him and Dean every morning was hard, but somehow you managed to do it.

˝Thanks. ˝ you turned away from him, taking a deep breath to calm yourself down. ‘He doesn’t love you’ you had to remind yourself.

˝Y/N, ˝ Sam stopped you from walking away. With another deep breath, you turned to him ˝I’m sorry I hurt you really. ˝

You rolled your eyes at him ˝Save that crap for yourself Sam. I’ll survive hopefully. ˝

Without letting him speak, you turned around and left the room, tears streaming down your face again. He fucked you up bad.


Theory that time doesn’t heal, proved for wrong one again when, after a month after the break up. Sam and you still spoke only when it was really necessary and the pain in the chest still remained the same. You begged Castiel to delete your memory. Your best friend was sick of listening about Sam all the time.

˝I’m done Y/N. Get ready, we’re getting drunk today. ˝ she announced one day. ˝Be ready at 8:00 P.M. I’ll come for you. ˝  

Knowing that she always means what she says and that she’ll drag you out, like it or not, you slowly walked to the bathroom. It didn’t take you long to get ready and put on make up that you actually liked.

Your friend was not even a minute late or early. At exactly 8:00 P.M. she knocked on the door of the bunker. You let her in promising that you’ll come back in a moment, because you forgot your bag in the room.

After you quickly grabbed it, you bumped into Sam.

˝Where are you going? ˝ he asked, lifting his eyebrows as he checked you out.

˝None of your business. ˝ your best friend answered instead of you in a hateful tone. She grabbed your hand, pulling you out and closing the door as loud as she could. For an unknown reason you felt free as soon as the doors closed.

You stopped at the closest bar. Neither one of you really cared about where you spent this night. You just wanted to have fun and get as drunk as you could to forget everything.

You poured drink after drink down your throat. Sooner than you though you ended up in arms of a guy that looked awfully like Sam, just slightly lower. You two were making out, like the end of the world is coming soon and your friend just smiled at you, happy to see you smile again. Drunk or not.

With a permission from your friend, that you can leave her alone there, you grabbed the guys hand, taking him to the bunker.

You didn’t really care if Dean or Sam are still awake. Hell, you hoped that Sam is, so you could hurt him the way he hurt you.

It took you some time, to unlock the door, while kissing the guy. As soon as the doors closed, he pressed you against the wall, kissing you hungrily.  He lifted you, so you could wrap your legs around, him, before taking you down the stairs to your room. Putting you down in front of your room, he already started to unbutton your shirt.

˝Y/N? ˝ you heard Sam’s voice near you. The guy moved himself back, looking confusedly at you and Sam.

˝What are you doing? ˝he almost yelled at you. Then he looked at the guy whose hands were still on you.

˝Leave her alone pervert. She’s drunk and you’re not getting into her pants tonight… or ever. ˝  Sam was getting ready to punch the guy, when you stepped between them.

Your shirt was already unbuttoned, which made Sam a little confused. ˝Y/N please, you know you don’t want to do that. ˝ for a second you saw sadness in his eyes.

 ˝Fuck you Sam. You don’t have a word in what I do anymore. You’re way passed it. ˝ Sam was looking at you, not sure what to say or do. You turned away from him, kissing the ‘bar’ guy more passionately than needed, before pushing him to your room.

Sam stayed there, speechless. It was his fault, he knew that the break up, tore you apart badly. And even though he didn’t show this to anyone, it tore him apart too. He missed you badly. And no matter how hard he tried to get you out of his mind, he failed every fucking time.  He pushed himself on runs, almost passing out every time. But still you were the only thing he could think of. His attempts to bury himself in work failed when he found himself thinking of you. Even when he was sleeping, your broken face haunted him.

But you were better without him. Even thinking that something could happen to you, because Winchester loves you, made him sure, he did the right thing.

While Sam slowly turned back to library, the bar guy kissed your neck, making you beg him for more.

In in the heat of passion you begged him to unbutton your jeans. His right hand immediately slid to your jeans, easily slipped the button open. He moved his lips to your collar, leaving the trail that will last for days, as he pulled your pants off.

You lifted your hips, demanding more attention. Slowly he moved his lips, lower.

˝Sam… ˝ you moaned.

The guy immediately lifted himself and your eyes opened in shock. Why on earth would you moan Sam’s name? You were drunk for god’s sake.

˝I don’t know what’s happening here, but I think you’re in wrong bedroom. ˝ quickly, as he could, he dressed himself and left your room.

And you were alone again. Alone, drunk and fucking lonely. Alcohol is supposed to make you forget everything, not making you cry even more.

Tears started to make its way down your cheeks once more and you were sick of them. That’s not what you planned for tonight. You wanted to party and get drunk, not cry drunk in your room, thinking about the man who stole your heart and destroyed it.

A quiet knock on the door, pulled you on this world again.

˝Come in. ˝ you sobbed, not being able to calm your voice down.

The door opened and Sam entered. ˝I saw him leave. What happened? ˝ha asked, his voice filled with worry.

˝You happened Sam. You destroyed me when you broke up with me. You killed me with not talking to me, but looking at me every damn time you could. And now because of you, I can’t even have stupid meaningless sex. ˝ you let yourself go.

You shouted at him, telling him everything that came to your mind. You cursed the day you met him and the day you fall for him. Sam was just standing, looking at you without saying a word.

˝All this and I don’t even know the real reason you left me. ˝ you finished.

Sam walked to your bed, taking a seat on the end. ˝I was scared Y/N. I still am. I’m scared you’ll get hurt because ‘Winchester loves you’.  And god I love you. I’d rather die than see you get hurt. And I know, there is nothing that could fix what I did. ˝ he took a deep breath before continuing ˝I love you and this may not be enough. Hell, it probably isn’t. But I want you in my life forever. I want to wake up and go to sleep next to you every single day. Take me back, let me love you again. ˝

In disbelief you looked at Sam. ˝Since when it’s my safety only your choice Sam? You fucking broke me because you thought that it’s unsafe for me to be with you. ˝

˝I know. I’m so sorry Y/N. ˝ his voice broke and you saw tears in his eyes.

˝And you know what the worst part is Sam? That I forgive you, because I fucking adore you. ˝

Then, without a warning, Sam pulled you into his hug. ˝I’m so sorry baby. ˝ he apologized once again.

˝Just kiss me idiot. ˝ you chuckled, between tears.

Sam leaned to you, melting your lips with his. And suddenly it all felt right again.

Here We Go...

Elounor Shippers ask why do larry shippers have to photoshop Harry into Elounor pictures to call it love


We learned 

How by examples

you so thoughtfully provided

And furthermore




Love of

Baby Jesus











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paipuru  asked:

Did you do the separations for a reason other than it looking super cool?

yep! sometimes (like for my fabric collections) i paint in separations because i need to have each color on its own layer in photoshop for the client or printer, and it’s much tidier to do this by painting in separations and coloring+assembling the design in photoshop than it is to separate colors out from one full-color painting.

in other cases (and this is the case for the separations i posted the other day), it’s simply faster for me to paint in all-black separations than it is to do a full-color gouache painting, which involves mixing colors and then having to paint ALL areas of that color in one sitting before your paint dries or else have to painstakingly mix an exact match, planning to paint colors in the most efficient order to contend with this, and always awkwardly maneuvering around the weirdness of laying down large areas of opaque color, thereby obscuring your underdrawing and no longer having it as a guide for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc layer of paint and detail work that you really want to be able to follow your underdrawing for. like, i have lots of tiny variable solutions to these problems, but they’re all kind of time consuming, and time is something i never have enough of. suffice it to say, if it’s not a gallery piece or something else that people need to see a final original of, i’m not going to do a full-color gouache painting, it’s too involved a process for me to go through for client work when they’re just getting a digital file in the end, and would actually prefer a more flexible layered file.

some of you might be wondering why i do gouache paintings at all if i make it sound so grueling – the truth is i LOVE every moment of working with the medium. time is the real limitation, and balancing time with my own standards for the quality of the work i make. i could easily create the same artwork all in photoshop in a fraction of the time it took for me to do a full-color gouache painting OR one done in separations. but i would hate every minute of doing it (because i hate drawing digitally; coloring, arranging things, etc are just fine, but i hate the feeling of actually drawing lines or shapes with a tablet), and it also wouldn’t turn out as well. something about using gouache with a brush sort of dictates how the lines and shapes i paint turn out, and if i were to try to do the same thing digitally i would just be mimicking that, and doing it sort of poorly. painting in separations is often the best solution for me because i get the quality i want out of hand-crafted lines and shapes, but the speed and flexibility of a layered PSD.

long answer to a simple question, but people are often confused by my separations and why i do them, and i give lots of partial answers since there are so many little reasons, so here at last is a FULL EXPLANATION for you guys. i’d like to put together a step-by-step for you at some point, too, whenever i’m not insanely overworked…