photoshop skills to the max

Thanks for 500 followers!

I recently got 500 followers (read: 15 minutes ago), so I thought for the milestone I’d do a small giveaway. I’m a student and don’t have much money so about the only thing I can offer you is my writing (or my abysmal drawing or my mediocore photoshop skills). 

Please LIKE or REBLOG (max 1 entry) this post to enter! I will hold this giveaway until the New Year  (i.e. JAN 1 12:00 AM EST). 

The rules are as follows: 

  • content must be league of legends canon characters or canon related
  • content cannot have themes of rape, pedophilia, or incest. anything else is probably ok but we can discuss further if you win. 
  • if you don’t reply to my message within 24 hours i’ll reroll your place.

The prizes are as follows: 

  • FIRST PLACE: ~ 1500 word drabble + 2 aesthetic posts
  • SECOND PLACE: ~ 1000 word drabble OR 2 aesthetic posts 
  • THID PLACE: ~ 500 word drabble OR an aesthetic post

You can check my drabbles here and my aesthetic posts that I’ve done (nominally) here and here. If you’d like more information, please feel free to contact me.