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Using the structure of a story spline, I drew eight illustrations for each beat of my story as part of a pitch for my Concept Development class. This is also the color script for this short film concept.

1. Once upon a time, there were two elementary school siblings, Ret and Crenzie.

2. And everyday, they lived near a mansion where they see nobody come out or in of. Everyone in their neighborhood believed it’s haunted.

3. Until one day, The siblings decided to investigate the mansion at night.

4. And because of that, they got lost.

5. And because of that, they found a ghost and got chased by it.

6. And because of that, they got separated.

7. Until finally, They reunited and it was revealed that the ghost was actually an eight-year-old named Michael, who lives in the mansion alone with his parents. Michael thought Crenzie and Ret were burglars, but then the siblings explained to Michael why they snuck into the mansion.

8. And since that day, The siblings realized that they’ve been looking at the back of the mansion this whole time,which explains why they saw nobody come out or in of it. And it’s not haunted.

GIF Tutorial: Creating the base

In this tutorial I’m basically going to cover going from the video to a basic gif with no coloring. This includes capturing the frames, importing them, sizing and sharpening, saving and exporting. While this won’t result in a perfect finished product, everything in this step I do for every single gif, no matter what. This is primarily for those with Windows.

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anonymous asked:

How do you make gifs?

This is fairly long as I tried to be as detailed as possible because I know when I first started making gifs it was all very confusing. Once you get the hang of it though, it really is quite easy!

By the end of this post you should be able to make gifs with text and a very simple colouring like the one below :)

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hi! is there a way to edit + put borders on multiple icons at one time? or do you have to do them all separate?

Hello, anon! There are definitely ways to work with multiple icons at once. I think you’re asking me one of two possible questions.

One is, “How can I edit a bunch of icons that are already saved?” Like if you wanted to add a border or watermark to a bunch of icons you already have! If that’s what you’re asking, here are two tutorials that might be of help to you, both of them on batch editing icons:

The other is, “How can I make a bunch of new icons, all at once?” I believe there’s one specific process you can use in Photoshop, involving the Timeline and a Photoshop script. Here are tutorials on how to use it:

I hope these were helpful! In case I didn’t hit on what you were looking for, here is the icon tutorial tag at dear-indies, which is a great resource.

Photoshop sprite sheet generator script

2D game asset development is all about sprite sheets! Our team uses Photoshop to create pixel assets for Wand Wars. The built-in animator is a sweet tool-set but it lacks a way of exporting to sprite sheets.

Bogdan created a Photoshop script that lets us do just that. Get the sprite sheet generator here on GitHub.

It should work with messy nested grouped layers and adjustment layers. Report bugs here or tweet at Bogdan.

aleclightgay  asked:

how do you use kmplayer to capture your gifs?

hey liz! here is what i do to capture frames for my gifs using kmplayer:

  1. upload your video onto kmplayer
  2. pause the video to the starting part of the scene you want to gif 
  3. hold CTRL + G to open the settings and make sure your settings fit for a gif requirement (i’ll link an image below of my settings so you can copy mine)
  4. press start and play your video. stop your video where you want the gif to end and open up the settings to press stop on the programme.
  5. then to upload your files onto photoshop, click file > scripts > load files into stack and volia!

my settings:

i hope i was able to help out and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns as i’d be happy to help out. also i hope you’re having a great day!

anonymous asked:

Hey! Sorry if I bother but your psd looks really good! I wanted to use it but I don't know how to put it, I put them in the preset etc but it doesn't appear on the script in photoshop because it's not an atn I think, anyway where should they go please? (sorry again!!) Have a nice day /night! 💟

hi! i dont know how others do it but what i do is i edit my screenshot first and then i open the psd on photoshop and click and drag the grouped layers to your screenshot, then i mess around with the opacity! hope  that helps! :)


Tutorial how to make gif in hd by sistaroundpsds, this tutorial is very simple, just follow the instructions and this tutorial is to make gifs with screencaps no videos. Please if this tutorial is/was useful to you REBLOG/LIKE I appreciate it. You will need kmplayer in this tutorial and not the QuickTime | I used CS5 in this tutorialI don’t speak english, but this tutorial it’s in english to all understand, so if the tutorial have errors of grammar, please ignoreLet’s learn how to do gifs! if questions still remain  ━ ask me ! 

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