photoshop pug


this ridiculously long post was inspired by @septicnomey! they had the brilliant idea of taking this song and making it about @therealjacksepticeye

this was really fun to do, and i put my blood, sweat, and tears into it (… or at least sweat… does soy sauce count as blood and/or tears?) also, i’m not trying to purposely leave anyone out of the last panel, but there was only so many people that i could draw…

Miss Pugsher’s Murder Mysteries

Scrolling through Tumblr today, I saw a few posts from our fandom and really just wanted to send something out to hopefully add some smiles to both cheer up and add to cheer. 

This was inspired by a post of a pug with a parasol, and my dears @lunalove-blr​ and @michele02132​ helped motivate me to create this (lunalove-blr cheered me on to make it, and I want to share with michele02132 how far off the deep end I’ve gone. :P)

With that, I give you Miss Phryne Pugsher and DI Jack Pugerson in Dead Dog’s Chest!

Dedicating this to @hello-beaniebeanie and @tinyforceofnature. Sending you both major hugs! And also dedicating this to @electriceell for your trip!! Have an amazing time!! 

Now to sleep! Waking up at 5 am for a week long work trip! Love to you all!! XOXO


Gutless (2014) 

This is my senior thesis short film from my time at school. Its far from perfect and unrounded, but I feel Im at peace enough with it to post it online. 


The music is ‘Build Up Errors’ from c418.