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                                                            We’re standing face-to-face
                                                            With  our own  human  race
                                We commit the SINS again & our SONS & DAUGHTERS pay


Cirilla Fiona Ellen Riannon, heir to Nilfgaard’s throne, chose the life of a witcher, on the Path. Geralt taught her all he knew, every skill he possessed, then each set off on their own. Soon word of the ashen-haired witcheress had spread throughout the North, from the Yaruga to the mountains of Kovir.



part 2 nova scotia timeline

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Even without a party leader, Nova Scotia was more eager to vote for the Liberals during any election since they associated the Conservatives with the decision to join Confederation, still bitterly resented. Although Ottawa ignored the province, threatening secession was an easy way to gain votes despite its emptiness. Despite unfair tariffs and a central-Canada biased economy, the Industrial Revolution blesses Nova Scotia with a booming coal, iron, and steel industry and modernization. The province is able to invest the capital in railways, including Halifax Southwestern (or more commonly “Hellish, Slow and Wobbly”!) Prohibition quickly gains ground and by 1918 the entire province is dry.


World War I brings prosperity to Halifax again, but at great cost. The war dominated politics and many Nova Scotians volunteered out of support for Britain. The Halifax Explosion, caused by the collision of two ships in the harbour, was the largest man-made explosion prior to the Second World War, killing 2,000 and wounding 7,000 more. Returning veterans were shocked and enraged at the state of the city on their return and the lack of jobs and back pay. Strikes caused a coalition of Farm and Labour, failing miserably due to opposing interests. The Maritime Rights movement gains support, but is paid off with the minimum amount of bribes and concessions the federal government can muster. Slow growth and recovery in the late 20s was cut short by the Depression, characterized by humiliating public work projects, rigged elections, and overwhelming demand for welfare.


World War II again brings profit back to Halifax, even in spite of an attempt to concentrate ship building in the St. Lawrence which failed due to freezing. Entertainment venues during the war were few and far between, and the queues were impossibly long. Drinking, bootlegging, prostitution and the like thrived. Halifax’s central position in the war put a unique strain on the municipality, and Nova Scotia begged Canada for relief. Unfortunately, the province did not take advantage of the war boom to raise taxes, and was left with little finances. After war’s end, restaurants and entertainment buildings were packed and frustration with the queues was at peak- revelers broke into the Alexander Keith’s brewery and hosted drunken orgies in public streets and parks! People were arrested and even killed, and many shops were damaged in riots. After the war, industry declined and former markets for trade were fewer and fewer. 


Nova Scotia cooperated with other provinces to form APEC, the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council, to sponsor studies of problems and create solutions for the Maritimes. The federal government was slowly starting to change its attitude to parts of the country outside central Canada, and Nova Scotia took advantage of the federal obligation to redistribute wealth to poorer provinces. Premier Stanfield focused on good governance and eliminating corruption as well as providing and improving essential services, including roads, health, and education. He encouraged Nova Scotians to stop whining at Ottawa for grants and to pick themselves up to improve their situation. Part of this initiative included making Nova Scotia attractive to investment and industry, resulting in both high risk successes and failures. Stanfield finally brought a more valid two-party system to the province.


Not covered in my book, but from glancing at Wiki it looks like from the 60s-80s Nova Scotia took steps towards making reparations with integral communities that had been previously marginalized, including black Nova Scotians, Acadians, and Indigenous Mi’kmaq peoples, including the most successful First Nation Education program in the country and the highest rate of retention of Aboriginal students as well!


From what I gather, Nova Scotia is still struggling economically and outmigration- particularly of young people- is still a problem today. Despite this, Nova Scotia remains among the oldest and proudest provinces with a very distinguished heritage and a reputation for being ridiculously friendly, laid back and easy going, and overall totally adorable <3. Viola Desmond’s pardon and feature in a Canadian History Minute as well as her 2018 feature on the $10 bill is great news, as well!

little overwatch fanart cause I’m a poor college student and can’t afford the game :c

My mom, big brother, and I all watched the trailers together and we all LOVE Hanzo and Genji.

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I wear a button with the mark of the Outsider on my lapel and I get a LOT of comments on it. I’m often torn between answering ‘it’s a pagan thing’ or ‘it’s a video game thing’ and…

Well I’m a huge dork and in a fit of sleep deprivation thought it would be funny to make a chick-tract parody to show/give to people who asked…and then this happened.

You’re a veerrrryyyy cute one 💕 💕 💕