photoshop novice

I did this Pennywise some weeks/months ago for training on photoshop cause I’m a novice into it x) I know it doesn’t really looks lile Pennywise but I didn’t saw the movie or more picture of him when I drew that ^^ (it dates before the two other drawing of Penny ~)

Well, I’m pretty proud of myself!

This is the result of a little experimentation. Superman and Captain America are my two favorite superheroes (and don’t get me started on the two dudes who are portraying them). So, I tried to mix their two logos into one.

It is not perfect. There are too much lines and it’s a little bit too dark. But, believe it or not, I’m a complete novice at photoshop lol.

I just followed a french tutorial on youtube about the superman logo. And I did it Captain America Style. here’s the link if you are interested.


anonymous asked:

//Can you please make a tutorial for making your promos? They're amazing !!


Okay, first off– thank you. I’m still a relative novice at PhotoShop, so getting words that kind means a lot to me. As for a tutorial, well… I don’t know if I’d be any good at explaining it since there’s no real process? I just throw stuff around until it works. What I will do is recommend looking up .gif making tutorials for your graphics program of choice and then experiment. Be fearless about it since the worst you’ll have to do is undo something. ♥))

Happy Fall Everyone!

Colored version of a sketch done by aboxofredbrocade aka uponagraydawn!
I tried to do the original sketch some justice but my photoshop skills are novice at best. Colored with colored pencil and edited in Photoshop. This is the first of many I’ve done, stay tuned.

*I got permission from the artist to upload.



Lately it seems my life has been moving pretty fast. Throughout the whirlwind of chaos that is my life, it’s sometimes tough to make time to do the things I love. Fortunately, I’ve (finally) squeezed in some time for a good old fashioned impromptu photoshoot to bring you lovely people of the internet some of the outfits I wore whilst romping around Ireland.

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playing with Illustrator and Photoshop. Clearly I’m a novice but I loved the new album colour scheme so much I just had too. it took so long to remove a little bit of the overlapping but I’m happy with it. hope you guys love it too!

(P.S :- Added darker backgrounds so the font/pictures pop up even more. just a variety. I’m so happy you guys liking and sharing my work!)

me as the new Zelda protag! heh, it’s pretty bad from the quality of the photo to the actual outfit, but what do you expect from something thrown together in ten minutes?

i edited on the tunic and bracer marks, the arm guard, and the ponytail real quick and i couldn’t be arsed to take off my glasses but 
i tried to edit the bangs too but it was proving too difficult for a photoshop novice like myself… i had all the belts but you could barely see them in the photo and they were all the wrong color anyway so i colored over those too