photoshop masterpiece

So I heard you like Yuri on Ice so…….. In preparation for episode three, we wanted to share this masterpiece with the world.

Hope you guys like it. I think my old professor will be very proud of how I’m using my certification! ^_^

-Mod Star 

iamsosmart-smrt said: I have tried to explain to my straight friends that lesbians love DINOSAURS and HATS. can you offer me a picture or description to help?!?! Thanks! Love all you do! Ill buy you drinks when I make my way to Canada.

I’m not Canadian yet but you can always buy me drinks in France. Also I’m not sure what I need to do but you can tell your friends that you are 150% right and to prove my point you can admire my photoshop skills and have a french Velociraptor wearing a christmas hat

guess what :D .. I made another masterpiece for markiplier​-senpai^^ xD PRAISE THE LORD AND SAVIOR!! MILK!!!

If you faven’t seen Mark’s new hot sauce challenge, go check it out! NOW!

Hot Sauce + I Am Bread + Sick Day CHALLENGE!!

my  5  second  photoshop  masterpiece,  everyone ^^ —- no  but  seriously,  i’m  so  thankful  to  still  be  here,  &&  that  i’ve  come  this  far  with  a  blog.  y’know,  i’ve  been  on  tumblr  roleplaying  since  i  was  15  years  old,  i’m  now  20.  that’s  5  goddamn years  on  here,  &&  in  all  that  time  sylvanas  is  the  FIRST  muse  i’ve  stuck  with  for  this  long,  &&  i’ve  literally  been  to  every  corner  of  this  site,  in  all  sorts  of  fandoms.  so  honestly,  thank  you  so  damn  much. 

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my photoshop skills used at its grateness