photoshop mashup

The Last Jedi Poster #5 (Probably Not)

“Tale As Old As Time
Song As Old As Rhyme
Romance Starts On
Starkiller Base!

C3PO is beside himself with shock! His ship has just become canon! Thank the maker!

‘Cause you know he shipped Han & Leia for a long time, too.

Anyways, yeah, decided to jump on the Beauty & The Beast bandwagon this week.

Decided to badly do this cover, cause it’s actually been colder this week than Christmas.

Thank you to all the original artists, nothing is mine, I just mashed it together, like those cauliflower mash potatoes my mom was telling me about last week. Which aren’t potatoes.

But, yeah, probably not.

The Last Jedi poster won’t be like that cause 3PO prefers to look stoic in posters.

And BB needs an oil bath. That’s like not combing your hair on picture day.

And, yeah, we’ve already had a snow setting.

‘Sniff, probably won’t be a Reylo holiday special either…



All you need is one killer life…

That, or a pocketful of tokens. =)

Wouldn’t the “Peter Gunn” theme be super fun for a new Baby scene?

I kinda LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie! If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself an awesome and experience it in a theater ASAP—large and loud! Once—twice—three times! Do it do it and do it again. =)

All you need is one killer track.  

Keep on keepin’ on~

Big Fett Geek Wedding

Hark! What’s that I hear?

Be it Wanger’s Bridal Chorus or Mendelssohn’s Wedding March; wedding season is upon us!

Oh, the family drama

I haven’t really dived into any theories lately, but be interesting if Rey was a Fett and/or Mandalorian.

This is probably heavily inspired by the Mandalorian parade that Caps and I witnesses at Star Wars Celebration. Do not try to cross those people, literally, even if you need to get to the other side.

Kylo Ren is just SO sweet. Even though he’s not Mandalorian, he’s cool with marrying Rey in their chapel. He also loves the food they serve at their restaurant. And everyone will just ignore the fact that her dad sprays everything with Blue Milk cause he thinks it’s a cure all.

Anyhow, weddings, (plus Camp NaNoWriMo (I swear I’m going to finish some Reylo fanfics this time), plus unpacking) the reason I’ll be on hiatus until mid-July-ish (unless something major SW happens).

Until then, happy Reylo dreams!


Comparing Christine wardrobes:

Elisabeth Berg, original Stockholm production (left) and Emmi Christensson, current Stockholm production (right)