photoshop light

This is so hard.

I don’t like posting unfinished things, because I can see in my head how it’s supposed to be, after I scan it and do my standard shading/lighting in Photoshop. For example, this picture should have a super bright sun coming through the window! Tyler (my friend) should fall off into nearly black shadow.

That said, on the last work trip I went on, I drew only once (“procrastipacker”) and could never finish another one on the trip, because we work around the clock on these shoots, and each finished drawing takes me around 4-5 hrs. No way can I fit that in on a work trip!


In an attempt to keep up with daily drawing on this trip, I’m going to shift the quality in my posts for the next 9 days, by simply taking a phone pic of my sketchbook, after doing much quicker sketches.

It’s uncomfortable, because I really just want to “finish” pieces before sharing them, but I also really want to get better at posting daily.

Here goes:

“Croatia Work Trip - Sketch Log Day 1 / 9”

How does light affect color?

The left is Lapis Lazuli during the night (S01EP25). The right is Lapis Lazuli during the day (S4EP15).

Here are her skin colors isolated.

If we take her night color pallet and shift the hue to the left,

we end up with a very similar color to her daytime color pallet.

Light seems to mostly affect hue and only minimally value. You can use this in your own art by using cooler colors for your shadows and warmer colors for your highlights.