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Can you give tutorial how to make camera movement animation manually?

In Sai, make a canvas and add 100px more. The Excess Area (EA) will give you extra space to move your Actual Working Area (AWA) with no cuts. (Make a box with the exact size for the AWA so you know where to focus on!)

Draw your animation. Let’s be using a single frame as an example. 

When you’re done with drawing your animation, remove the square box.

In Photoshop, make a canvas with the size of the AWA.

Get all your animation frames and stack them together in another file and move your animation layers to the canvas you’ve made.

Now things get tricky! If you’re familiar with the basic animation pane in Photoshop, make the starting frame (Frame 1) with no camera movement, then the second frame (Frame 2) you would move your picture with your arrow keys to the left (or right). Frame 3, move it more and so on and forth.

It will look like this:

^ A quick peep on how it looks like.

Camera movement samples:

Analysis on the one I made, slow mo.

Hope this hekps! I got confused in making this xD. feel free to ask more questions.