photoshop is being annoying


F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gabsy.

my version of Photoshop is whining at me about not being genuine - which is annoying, since I’ve been using it for years, why now, but whatever

it’s so fucking cute that Adobe’s like “it’s very easy to end up with non genuine software, this isn’t your fault, please report whoever sold you this counterfeit product”

no actually this is my fault I very much did this on purpose because I don’t want to throw $$$$$ at you monthly for the rest of my life, sorry not sorry

but thanks for forgiving me <3


“The world is very lovely, and it’s very horrible–and it doesn’t care about your life or mine or anything else.”

― Rudyard Kipling, The Light That Failed

  • Happy Birthday Lacie|January 17th

ok so I hit 2,000 followers today which is crazy because this blog isn’t even two months old, but I wanna thank everyone who puts up with me because it’s really humbling that people like my writing, and I find it so cool that the little scenarios I come up with in my head can be put into words and be interpreted differently by anyone who reads them. that being said, here is my follow forever! :)

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also shout out to the people who repost gifs even though there’s a fucking watermark in the corner. and an even bigger shout out to the people who still reblog them despite realizing they’ve been stolen!!!

if y'all wanna contribute to a fandom by posting edits, download photoshop and learn how to fucking use it instead of being lazy and annoying.

for the love of christ just stop reposting shit that isn’t yours. and don’t tell people to stop overreacting when they call you out for doing so. like bitch do you wanna see the bags i have under my eyes from learning different editing techniques in the middle of the night to appeal to y'all’s senses??? people put serious effort into their shit and i can’t speak for all of them but i know for me that when i first started using photoshop it would take me hours to finish one set.

long story short, idc if you’re a cool person. if i see you reposting mine or my friend’s edits, i already dislike you