photoshop hates me so much

@altoanimator mentioned the idea of a toddler Chell running through Aperture a little while ago so why not.

She comin for you GLaDOS watch out!


heartland aestheticamy fleming 

Alison : “Come on, guys. You need to be more excited!”

Helena : “…”

Cosima : “Whatever, been here done this”

Sarah : “What the bloody hell is this, Al?!”

Rachel : This is the last time that I said ‘bored’

Krystal : “This is sooo… weird”

* * * * *



I really wanted to contribute to one of my favorite AU’s ever, which is Aftertale by @loverofpiggies

It is actually really hard for me to get into an au let alone make one, but for some reason I’m really into the Undertale au’s especially Aftertale. So, I wanted to contribute something to this comic series.

I hate that photoshop made me have to shrink the picture so much to get the gif going, but hopefully it still looks good/works.

I didn’t want to shade GenoSans due to not wanting to loose the more “dramatic” feel of the next picture. Hope you guys like the illusion attempt I made with the shading (first time trying something like this).