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DC dream cast:
Armie Hammer as Batman; 
Elizabeth Chambers as Wonder Woman

Diana: You know, we never did get to finish our dance.
Bruce: I don’t know what you are talking about.
Diana: If you say so…But you’re still taking me dancing.


Pacific Rim\Banshee crossover

Chuck and Raleigh worked for Herc - killing people, stealing things. family buisness - for years. But one day Herc decided that Becket is not good enough for his son and with help from russian mafia he fraimed Raleigh and put him in jail.
After six years of imprisonment, Raleigh is back. And believe me, revenge solves everything, especially when you have the power of being a new fake sheriff in town.

Well, actually this is not a direct crossover. Just the main idea of Banshee (and if you didn’t see this tv show, you’ve missed so mush. it’s so good and so awesome. you should totally watch it).
And here Herc’s a criminal asshole, Raleigh is a badass asshole, and Chuck is an innocent asshole, who still has tons of feelings for the badass asshole.

And, traditionally, this is lame as fuck and I’m sorry :D


Pacific Rim\Beyond:Two Souls crossover 

Raleigh Becket since birth has been connected to an entity named Yancy. After being left by his foster parents he is brought up by researchers Newton Geiszler and Hermann Gottlieb, who conduct research on the infraworld for the United States Department of Paranormal Activity, the DPA.

Raleigh Becket as Jodie Holmes; Yancy Becket as Aiden; Chuck Hansen as CIA agent Ryan Clayton.

this was in my drafts since forever and it’s still lame. ;D and i really really love beyond two souls and happy endings… idk what else to add, so enjoy.