photoshop enhanced

for  @thayerkerbasy based on his series I fell in love with

A Man and His Dog 

visit the series here 

Seriously, read it, you’ll want a hellhound puppy after reading it!  I do  :)

“Who’s a good dog?”

Prismacolor Marker (with photoshop enhancments around Juliet)

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kreuzdrache  asked:

Potentially dumb question here: For some of the photographs with night skies that have more vibrant colors like purples/blues, are those places actually like that, or do photographers do lite editing to make the skies pop out more?

Not a dumb question! I often wonder the same thing, like with photos of northern lights I wondered if they actually are that computer in real life-apparently they are! I’d redirect this question at these photographers @matialonsorphoto @pedromgabriel @dennybitte , they tend to post some night sky photos. My best guess is they are pretty enhanced in Photoshop, if they’re realistic I’m packing my bags to go live where they live cause the sky sure as hell doesn’t look like that where I live!

The last day of Inktober: Kankurou having a laughing fit, while playing with his first Jack-o’-Lantern (or rather, Karasu-o’-Lantern)




I really liked doing this photo shoot in Bristol as I am pleased with how my images turned out. Because I had to fit in this shoot with the traveling time, I ended up being there in the evening which at first I was unsure how the lighting would turn out but I’m really happy with the outcome. My favourite image from this shoot is the top left as I like how the sky has come out. I also think that the cyclist adds to the image and makes it different to just a normal architectural image. With the other two images on the top row I focused on the shape of the architecture against the sky so I used photoshop to help enhance the texture of the clouds. The two images on the second row are inspired by Kai Ziehl who I’ve looked at recently and I really like the way the people add to the image. I really like the way the left image is framed by the roof of the train station and the use of black and white because before the image looked quite flat. The first image on the third row down was slightly over exposed straight off the camera as the sun was going down right behind the buildings but because I shot in raw I was able to edit it in photoshop to get the really textured sky. I think that I liked shooting photos in Bristol because most of the buildings are quite old and traditional looking, and I really liked the look of the reflections created in some of my images with the river in.  


My completed comic project I for my computer graphics class, all done in Photoshop! The assignment was a 6 panel comic and cover with a simple story (and at least 2 humanoid characters), without text. So naturally I did something incorporating my 2 favorite gems ;y

When it was about 98% completed my file somehow wiped itself from my thumb drive, so I ended up having to do the final panel and cover (as well as detail work on the other panels) all over again. Thank goodness I had an older version saved elsewhere. 

But for now it is done, so enjoy! 

FAQ- frequently asked questions

What programs do you use?

I mainly use paint tool Sai for the bulk of the actual drawing while I use Photoshop CS6 for enhancements (textures, color changes,resizing text)

What brushes do you use?

I made a post about this a few months ago click here to find out!

Do you use textures/screen tones:

I do and I would say 95% of my textured art is just me adding noise to the picture if your not sure what that means click here to my super short tutorial about it  

What tablet do you use?

A Cintiq 12 and also a Cintiq companion when I’m away from home.

Can I use your art?

Why yes, you can for pretty much everything anything but steal credit or make a profit off of it and no you don’t need to ask my permission first just do it :)

Can I use your AUs or ideas form your AUs?


Do you take requests or commissions?

At this time I’m not :( sorry

What’s your age?,location? sex?, gender?

I’m a 26 year old  Northern Virginian cis female.

Have you ever drawn <insert character name here>?

I tag all my Hetalia fanart with aph <insert country name> or 2p <insert country name> (minus the bracts) make use of the search function on my blog to find what your looking for and if you come up with nothing then I haven’t drawn that particular character 

How come your spelling and grammar is so bad?

Well I’d say 75% of it is because I’m dyslexic and the other 25% is laziness. This is my hobby blog not my portfolio so I’m not really interested in going over everything with a fine tooth comb or even a large tooth one.

Also no I do not have a portfolio blog though I really should…

Can I message you?

Sure you can! I’m more likely to respond if you send a message with your screen name than just a anonymous just because I don’t like clogging up my blog with a lot of questions I think most people come to my blog for my art and not my stunning personality ;)

Also if you send me a compliment anonymously I totally read it and get all the nice warm fuzzies just because I’m not posting for the reason I stated above doesn’t mean I don’t apprentice them very much and thank you all for sending them :)

Week 8 Photography

After mid sem break

I really enjoyed this weeks tutorial.

We were using camera raw and photoshop to help enhance and/or balance the photos we took during the tutorial.

I had never used photoshop to correct images before, but found that if you don’t drastically change the photo with all the available options, you can get them to a point where it looks like what you actually saw, rather than the version your phone/camera processes without shooting RAW.

Spotted this seat in the corner next to the quadrangle, and thought it looked pretty cool, trie to accentuate the light with b&w

Thought this building looked neat with the curves and edges

I liked the blue of the sky, with the greens of the plants contrasted with the grey of the building

An interesting concrete walkway

The red centre’s stark contrast with the sky

UNSW grounds

I think this is my favourite, It gives me a good vibe, but I have no idea why, possibly the clean colours.

Product Shot 

‘Fidget Fingers’

A product that aims to reduce stress and anxiety allowing the user to fiddle around with the multiple options (dials, buttons, toggle, switch) that distract and calm.

I took the photo on my cutting board as a little stress inducing aspect, having the product take up the focus, and used a white piece of paper to calm the background, so the product appears to trump the stresses of studying etc.

I only brought my iphone 5, so I wasn’t sure how good the photo quality would turn out, but it was surprising, normally the camera is pretty so so, but this week it lifted it’s game, and surprisingly the photos I thought were pretty okay, and I was pretty happy.