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anonymous asked:

can you link me to photoshop cs5 free download link that it works?

Here are some PC torrents for Photoshop CS5.

  • ONE (Portable Photoshop CS5)
  • TWO

Here are some MAC torrents for Photoshop CS5.

Direct Downloads.

That’s all I could find. I’m not 100% sure they work after you download, but all the links actually lead to active files rather than removed files.

-Zoey. x

bigbrotherrph  asked:

Do you know where I can download Photoshop CS6 for free? Can be full or portable? Would mean ALOT if someone could help me.

Here’s a few links you could try!

Please be wary of the time these posts were made, since download links that have been around longer are most likely to have been removed since then. Also, be conscious of whether the download links are for Mac or PC, and whether they’re for the full version, portable, or extended versions of Photoshop CS6. Some of these links also include download links for older versions of Photoshop. Some of these links are also Torrent files, which you’ll need to have a torrenting application to use.

Also, I hope you don’t mind my posting this since I feel as though others could benefit from it, too.

Hope it helps!

-Zoey. x

followtherubberduck  asked:

hello~! Love your art ~! <3 If anyone hasnt asked yet could you please tell me how you blend?

Hi there! Thank you for your nice words.

For my traditional pieces, I use a lot of water to blend and spread across the paper the ecoline’s bright colors. I wait until it gets dry. Then I shape my surfaces and edges by applying thicker, non-transparent color. If you ’d like, I could post the progress of one work so you can see exactly what it looks like.

For my digital pieces, I am using these :
Great for coloring and sketching. I like using the color picker tool to make smooth transitions between tones. And I always try to keep color theory (warm and cold hues) in the back of my mind. I also try to include multiple colors in lights and shadows.

Feel free to ask more if you need further analysis. I hope my answer was helpful.

anonymous asked:

What do you use to make all these photo edits with?? They're pretty amazing.... I want to assume photoshop????

Yes, I always use photoshop for my edits. At first it was super annoying because I couldn’t buy photoshop, it is super expensive and I didn’t wanna pay so for my moodboards I used to use an app called snapseed thats a great alternative if your just looking for filters. This was until i found this amazing photoshop download link that was 100% free and worked perfectly for me although you’d have to consider how much storage you have on your pc because I think it takes up quite a bit. Hope Ianswered all of your questons :)

           can someone link photoshop downloads that work and are free? :-) i may be getting a new laptop and i just want to have the things i need before hand!