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Arthur came back to life without any warning or whatsoever. He just one day popped up behind Merlin and took him by surprise, aka the merthur au no one needed


hi everyone, this is my bias moodboard!! i’m like 2 or 3 weeks late with this y'all already doing biaswrecker moodboards wtf :/

anyway i was tagged by the lovely @extraongdinary, @minhwangs, @kimjaehwanswife (my sweet angel who helped me with filters and gave me a lot of feedback!) @kimsjaehwan@l-guanlin, @kangniel, @kngniel, @kangdan101@p-arkwoojin, @yjjisung, @ongeuigeon, and @parkji-hoons! all very gorgeous people with very aesthetically pleasing moodboards :-) 

i feel like everyone has done this already so i’m just gonna list people off the top of my head and tag: the @garbage-101 members who haven’t done this yet, @kimdonghyun, @swoojin@yoonjsung@woojinnies, @ongsecngwoo, @woo-jin-young, @daeswhis, @wooseob@kakaotaeks, @jeo-jang, @kingdans, @emperorhwangs, @kangbaeks@park-woojin, @dearlydaehwi, @wannaoneioi, and @produced101

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So ever since I’ve started playing bandori i’ve wanted to know how tall all the girls are. there’s nothing on their profile pages or the wiki so i thought all hope was lost, but! there was a 1koma that said tsugumi was 156cm and tomoe was 168cm. four hours later i have (rough estimates of) the girls’ heights! i was going to sort them from shortest to tallest but it’s 4am im tired lol. ignore how bad the cutouts are it was the least of my problems during this trainwreck

pls note that these are not official and there might be slight errors *

data below if you can’t read the pictures!

kasumi: 156cm
rimi : 151cm
arisa : 153cm
tae : 162cm
saaya : 157cm

moca : 158cm
ran : 157cm
himari : 153cm
tomoe : 168cm
tsugumi : 156cm

hina : 156cm
aya : 156cm
maya : 160cm
eve : 161cm
chisato : 153cm

sayo : 160cm
yukina : 155cm
lisa : 157cm
ako : 149cm
rinko: 158cm

kaoru : 169cm
kokoro : 153cm
kanon : 156cm
michelle : 173cm
misaki : 158cm
hagumi : 152cm


                                              The world will never be the same.

Hamilton as Captain America: Civil War AU (with thanks to @rob-anybody, @shapechangersinwinter and @fyeahlilbit3point0)


“…it would’ve been easy.


for margo, my lovely queen