photoshop digitalization

I HAVE MY DATA BAAAAAAAAAAACKI! that includes all my artwork!!! Thank you Universe!!!

It’s not finished yet, I just needed to share it! William is going to have a NY Knicks shirt as I said before ;)

I haven’t uploaded my artwork on here in a long time! Get ready for a bit of spam! Anyway here is my Trolls fanart that I’m going to be selling physical prints of at Hudson Valley Comic Con. Be sure to stop by and say hi if you’re going. Maybe buy a print of three while you’re there ;)

Remember when I asked you guys which OCs you wanted to see more of? @jess4ever12 wanted Orion. Also I haven’t drawn him since September, how weird is that?? :O although to be fair this was an old sketch from who knows when that I prettied up, so I STILL haven’t drawn him since September, lol…

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