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I wanted to do some Aquamarine fanart ever since I first saw her but all my sketches looked like crap lol. Anyway as someone born in March I’m really glad we finally got to see an Aquamarine gem, I love her design and personality. She’s not my favorite character (that still goes to Peridot :P), but she’s certainly up there.

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And that’s all folks, finished up on this guy. Might come back and colour him or even try and sculpt it one day, but for now it’s pens down.

When you want something to be perfect for your favourite person it takes longer than expected… This illustration represents a whole bunch of things we experienced last year and yes a bulldog dressed up in a Hawaiian shirt and fruit hat was one of them!


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Hey! Long time no see. School is over (it actually has been for a few weeks “^^) and I’m finally posting my concept painting class final. The assignment was to take a pre-existing IP and mix it up (don’t remember the exact words used) so I did FVII but designed it as a for-TV cartoon. I personally based it off of SatAM haha.

The goal was to create protag, antag, vehicle, and weapon turn-arounds, as well as a landscape painting. However, after doing Cloud, Boko, and the Buster Sword, I learned that you only had to render the ¾ pose. Thus, Sephiroth remained unrendered.

We also were given some brushes by our professor to use, but I can’t remember where they came from, so I’m sorry if you want to know.

Anyway, enjoy the stuff I made for the project!

We had a super sweet guest come to the studio today. Her name is Sadie and she’s an aspiring story artist.

Being 13, it must have been really intimidating having the attention of so many artists. I know when I was young, visiting an animation studio would have been a dream come true. Alas if it would have occurred, I would have been so shy that I could not have spoken to anyone.

I can’t wait to see the stories Sadie will do =D. Everyone at work made a drawing for Sadie. This is one of mine :)