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1.5 hour sketch of a Xenomorph from ALIEN.


Photoshop Editing Demo For Sims: Basic Edit - Sims 4 Guide

Lil something something on how I edit videos.

Peep my previous video, How to Stud.

More shit coming soon.

i downloaded the photoshop demo to try and Make Gifs™ and i am filled with new respect for y’all who do this more consistently, it’s hard what the hell

ummm anyways i also watched legend of the wolf, which was not great, but donnie sure was in it, anyways donnie is my new fancast for an indiana jones reboot. he’s old enough that in america he could feasibly be a tenured professor now so hollywood get on it

Getting color to match value is key to a successful painting. Session 4 is focused on translating values to color. It includes over 4 hours of tutorials, demos, commentary and in depth lessons. I cover techniques, process, plus photoshop tools that I use. You can get the entire bundle on until Tuesday May 31. Skyrocket your color skills today! Thanks again for your support!

Tuesday- June 16th/2015

Today I got a unique note on a Nick Wilde shot, that his mouth shape looked like a hamburger…and it did.

This note was from the amazing Jen Hager! She is such an incredible supervisor, and on top of that, she was an animator that I looked up to when I was in school! In 2007 I was finishing my first year of college, and I found her demo reel online. I was BLOWN away, to say the least. In Canada, I felt disconnected to the industry, but finding her demo reel made me realize what other students were doing; it set a quality bar. I would watch it over and over again for inspiration and for educational reasons. I found it was easier to aspire to someone who was close to my age, and a student like me, because it made the goal obtainable. Comparing myself to Glen Keane, or Eric Goldberg always made me feel like I could never reach their level.

I still watch Jen’s reel, and better yet, I have the great opportunity of working with her and learning from her everyday! Check out her student reel here:

Who’s your inspiration these days? Are there people in the industry, or students that you look up to?

Apple told a woman to smile in the Photoshop Fix/iPad Pro demo   

If you’re going to give a presentation that will be seen all over the world, consult as diverse an audience as you can. You have the money. You have the time.

Adobe used its portion of the Apple event to demonstrate an impressive suite of apps that allow iPad Pro users to manipulate and layout images and text. But the way they did it was creepy and tone-deaf. They could have manipulated any photo, and they chose a woman’s face. With a twist of the pin, the Adobe demonstrator manipulated her relaxed lips into a smile. 

It was heckling reimagined as art, and it was icky