photoshop crashed on me again ; ;


                                                            We’re standing face-to-face
                                                            With  our own  human  race
                                We commit the SINS again & our SONS & DAUGHTERS pay

fun fact: tried to make this gif earlier, photoshop crashed, re-launched photoshop, video file i made for it wouldn’t show the preview (every time that happens, it will lag or crash on me). had to export video file again before making gif. think my laptop is cursed.


Furudate Haruichi-sensei’s sketch!! Special Manga. 



Fatal_Error feeling neutral, rage, and despair!


While I was convincing myself to not to get too attached, I figured out his backstory:

ErrorSans eventually found the Aftertale universe, and of course found GenoSans. They fought and Error won, destroying what was left of his soul.

However, Geno still wasn’t ready to die - he still had to protect Papyrus from Chara. So through his own sheer will and the determination he injected himself with, he willed himself to continue, and became the horrifying anomaly known as Fatal_Error.

So let’s recap:

Error deleted Geno from existence.

Fatal_Error, through determination, un-deleted himself and put himself back into existence.

Geno is no longer a glitch.

He’s a fucking virus.

And this is why I fell in love with this character.

ErrorSans and GenoSans belong to @loverofpiggies, I own nothing! 


Limitless - 1x13 - Stop Me Before I Hug Again

“The FBI has to catch bad guys, and sometimes it’s scary and we use scary words but…what else are we supposed to do?”


Doodles in my sketch book from Realmscon (except peepers). I was extremely tired and loopy and decided I would crash course myself in how to draw Wonder and Sylvia during the slow times to keep me remotely sane. Comics just evolved out of jokes and comments at the time eUe

Once again, poor pics because no Scanner/Photoshop.

And yeah, I watch a lot of cartoons :P

oh my gosh… this was supposed to mean a little warm up doodle but then things happened like my brother took me to the city or my Lappi crushed today so many times + photoshop crashed too.

It seems like something don’t want me to draw… 
(ノಠ ∩ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻