photoshop and i have bonded again

Hidden Klance moments pt.1

So, we all are disappointed for the lack of promised content in this new season. They promised us LGBT representation, ‘project kuron’ explanation, diplomat hunk, team bonding, Lance falling in love ecc and we got almost nothing. I honestly enjoyed the season anyway, partly because i know i can’t expect so much in six 25-minutes-long episodes from a family show, mostly because I loved Pidge’s arch, Matt is finally found, Lotor is such a complex and enjoyable character, Lance and Allura interaction at the very end …. I can go on, I swear. 

But let’s talk about Keith and Lance. Since i love my boy Lance so much, I observed him really closely, and since I’m a complete slut for Klance because pf the relationship development between him and Keith in season 3, I decided to look for some hint that could possibly lead us to think that there is really something going on between the two (even if it’s just friendship). 

It’ actually longer than I espected so I’m going to hide the following part!

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A commission for the wonderful and patient thesunlitgarden !

This was a fun plush to work on because of all the different techniques that went into it!
Since I have a decent printer again, I was able to draw ChuChu’s scribble-y eyes in Photoshop, print them out onto transfer paper iron them onto felt circles and then sew them onto the face!
His mouth and eyebrows are embroidered by hand, and the minky pile around the thread was trimmed so that it would show up better.
The earring is several layers of stiff felt sandwiched together with Heat-n-Bond.