photoshop and i have bonded again


Happy 9th anniversary FTISLAND!!

You’ve completed a feat few groups can claim to achieve, and you’ve earned it. Primadonnas have grown with you as we watched you grow up right before our very eyes, from the time you were just 15-17 year-olds. Although you’ve been through some major struggles, that fight in you only made your bond stronger–both musically, and in friendship. I can’t completely express the overwhelming pride and happiness I have for you now that you’re finally able to make music you want to make, and to see your hard work being well received. It’s given me such joy listening to your songwriting stories and to hear you genuinely get excited about your upcoming releases. It makes listening to the final product that much more meaningful, and your live performances that much more magical. Thank you, for sharing that joy and sorrow with us through your music. Let’s make it another 9 years!