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                    As long as we have chemistry between our muses, especially when it comes to romance and hate-shipping. Chemistry is KEY and if you wish to work something out between our muses, please do LIKE this post — this is for if you wish to be involved with my muse sexually, romantically, toxic(ally)? And if it’s not on the list, but you see them being a certain type of way? PLEASE don’t be shy!! You can approach me with your ideas. I can’t promise it can lead to something romantic, it really depends on how well these muses can connect. And also if your muse can even deal with Ramsay Bolton ( for both main/ modern / au verses ) !!!

A reminder this is Ramsay Bolton we are talking about and if you do not know much of the character. Just know he’s a very toxic human being and is dangerous by all means. — Modern I can say he’s a bit more… tamed? But I can’t promise he’s an angel in there either.

SO PLEASE before you like this, know about this muse. Once you do, LIKE THIS POST AND DANCE WITH THE DEVIL :’) !!!!! I’ll make a list of who to add.



here’s some stuff i did cuz it’s been a while since i posted or whatever
the last max is just me redrawing the max @ttoba did on twitter c r i e s
also, i wanted to use the way @zoruui colours, but i didnt have photoshop so i had to both improvise and suffer on sai

I did this for a friend of mine ! She just Really like this Show , and i can not disagree with her ! I really enjoy it too , Mob is just so lovely don’t You think ? Haha even If he looks a little angry on it ;)

You know those Photoshops of Harry Potter books from Voldemort’s POV? I want titles of the TAZ arcs from Lucretia’s POV. Like:

Episodes 1-6: I Finally See My Friends Again!!

Episodes 7-9: I Almost Kill Two Of My Friends But It Turns Out Okay In The End And I Help Magnus Discover His Love Of Maiming Robots

Episodes 10-16: Of Course They Showed Up In Their Pajamas Why Did I Ever Expect Anything Else From These Chucklefucks

Lunar Interlude I: Oh Shit The Hunger

Episodes 18-27: GODDAMMIT BARRY 

Lunar Interlude II: I Realize I Can’t Trust Anyone Outside Of My Space Family With The Relics And Also Adopt A Small Child

Episodes 29-39: GODDAMMIT LUCAS 

Lunar Interlude III: I Have A Spa Day With Merle And Apologize For Erasing His Memories Though He Doesn’t Really Get It Because I Erased His Memories

Lunar Interlude III Alternate Title:  I Walk Into The Cafeteria One Day To Find Lup’s Name Burned Into The Wall In Giant Letters And Nearly Have A Heart Attack

Episode 41-59: They Spend Twenty Minutes Buying Shorts When The Fate Of The Universe Is At Stake Of Course Why Do I Even Try

Lunar Interlude IV: Magnus Is Being Super Weird Was It Something I Said?

Episodes 51-57: The Hunger Is Coming And I Think I Might Have Gotten My Friends Killed

Lunar Interlude V: Magnus Dies But Gets Better Also GodDAMMIT BARRY

Episodes 60-65: The Story Of How I Became Totally Awesome 

 (wallpaper version!)

for a friend that was down and i thought u guys might enjoy a lance showing u how proud he is that u made it today :D its hard, but you did it. each day brings new challenges but remember you made it despite everything thats happened and thats worth celebrating :D


Hey folks, Paul here for (a late) Tutor Tuesday! A few things to note:

  • A friend was over watching me make this… she and I joked that when I fill in for Meg, I should call it SUBSTI-TUESDAY. I like it!

  • The example image features my cat Calvin. If you’re wondering why the orb doesn’t have a reflection, clearly, it’s a ghost.

  • If you have any questions about Photoshop’s interface, feel free to send a message! That said, be sure to value artistic principles over software specifics–the software could change next week, but the principles are timeless.




(A copyable version of the chain text is under the cut. Annoy your friends!)

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