photoshop and i are in a weird place in our relationship

all our friends want us to fall in love

genre: cute fluff

words: 3k

summary: Every time Dan and Phil make a new friend, they always struggle to figure out whether they are dating or they’re just really good friends. Or, Dan and Phil’s relationship, as seen by three people.

a/n: yes, that is indeed a Panic! at the disco reference in the title. and look I know Jack is not their friend (yet) but he has said he’d love to collab with them so I’ll keep hoping. Besides I just wanted to write him. School is tough. Sorry for the lack of fics.

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part 2 quebec timeline

[part 1] [full timeline]


After the war, Quebec enjoyed the same prosperity and flood of goods and services that other parts of Canada did. However, Quebec was still trailing behind the rest of the country in some areas, and the tension between “modernizing” and “assimilating” was starting to become more palpable. In the meantime, the federal government was taking (unconstitutional) steps towards a welfare state and was needling the provinces about creating a national pension plan- Quebec’s draft of his own plan was the best received of the propositions. Canada had not given up wartime responsibilities for tax collecting in order to fund this, and quite a few provinces were salty about it- Quebec comparing the federal government to “a thief who stole your watch and returned the chain as a gift”. After Ontario gave in, Quebec was left alone… still contributing money, but receiving none of the benefits. The federal government also transgressed again into cultural territory with the Massey Commission to the irritation of a growing sense of Quebec nationalism. The Quebec government became increasingly anti-union during this decade as well. During this decade, Toronto finally surpassed Montreal as the economic capital of Canada, a trend which had been continuing for decades and would progress further.


The decade of the Quiet Revolution, a period of rapid social change. The Church’s power declined to the point that what was once the most religious province in Canada became the least. Secularization meant the decline of the Church’s role in education, health, and welfare, but also the decline in importance of Catholicism in French Canadian identity, and therefore the rise of the French language to replace it. The sharp division between anglophone businessmen and francophone labour became even more visible and intense, and contributed to increasing frustration and pressure to put more francophones in positions of management. This was also a period of global interaction- at the same time Quebec was asserting itself amongst other francophone nations, France itself included, throngs of immigrants settled and changed the fabric of the province. To the frustration of nationalists, many immigrants assimilated to the anglophone culture, which continued to dominate nationally. (Originally I was debating about showing Jean with a maîtres chez nous sign, but the phrase has become increasingly charged with anti-immigrant anti-religious minority sentiments… so I decided to leave it alone!)


I have a tendency to draw characters going through bad times as physically lowered somehow in these timelines, and this was a violent and frightening couple of decades in the history of Quebec and Quebec nationalism. The Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) created a series of bomb threats and kidnappings of political figures in order to pressure both the provincial and federal governments towards separation. The RCMP regarded the group as “misguided youths” and did not take very serious steps against them at first; as a result some innocent people were killed, several thousand homes were searched by the army and the RCMP, and hundreds of people with no connection to the loose organization were arrested and questioned. It was one of the few times the War Measures Act was invoked in peacetime- an imposition that infuriated Quebec but was immensely popular in other parts of the country, where Prime Minister Trudeau was seen as “putting Quebec in its place”. At the end of the decade, the Parti Québécois, the first separatist government of the province, was elected on a platform of governance rather than explicit independence. 


After an attempt at putting together a referendum to negotiate a possible separatism with the federal government and fifteen years of failed negotiations with the rest of the country, it was time for a simple, straightforward referendum: leave Canada? yes or no. The federal government again did not pay much attention until the day of the referendum was drawing closer and closer and the result looked to be more and more likely “oui” for separation. With some (illegal!) interference from the federal government including a huge rally against separation in Montreal, the vote was an astonishingly close 50.4% vote ‘Non’ to 49.5% ‘Oui’; a slight difference the Clarity Act of 2000 made sure would never be a deciding margin for separation again. After this referendum, interest in Quebec separatism has dwindled. 


I’ll come clean with you, I’m a filthy anglo 90s kid from another province that also likes to hoot and holler about independence and separation (though on a smaller scale and with a lot more cowboy-boot-and-truck-based campaigns). I grew up surrounded by the opinion that “Quebec should just separate already and put us out of our misery” with a slight aftertaste of “oh and maybe we should let the others bite the dust and leave as well, or at least hoard all our resources for ourselves”. But nowadays with separation less fresh in everyone’s minds, I think there’s a calmer atmosphere and with advancements in travel and communication I’ve discovered that Quebec isn’t really some weird dour and prickly alternate universe after all… even if they made the unfortunate mistake of banning Red Lobster… It’s a stereotype that needs to be understood more than it needs to be maintained, and I really hope that’s a sentiment any future representations of the IAMP/PC carry with them. I think there remains a HUGE disconnect between Quebec and the rest of Canada, and a LOT of misunderstandings that need to be corrected… but I’m learning more every day. 

I’m pleased to wrap up TWO YEARS worth of investigation into regional history with one of the places I and presumably many others have always considered so geographically and socially distant, and though I’m by no means an expert in any area of history (kicks my M.A. thesis under my desk) I think this little side-project of mine was overwhelmingly useful in my on-again-off-again relationship with my crazy country, my political perspective as an adult, and the small remaining flicker of patriotism and belief in the future left in my heart. Thank you so much for staying with me, and I’ll try to get that full timeline done soon.


I got really high and wrote fanfiction again.

I am so sorry

“Lin Manuel-Miranda and Too Many Memes”

It was 6:30 pm and Anthony Ramos had just gotten mic’d. As he headed down to the stage for a sound check, he noticed Daveed Diggs coming in the opposite direction with a large burlap sack.

“Yo Daveed”, said Anthony, “What’s in the bag?”

“Look and see for yourself.” Daveed opened the bag and inside Anthony saw what appeared to be piles and piles of memes. Big memes, small memes, old memes, young memes, fat memes, skinny memes, memes of every gender identity, race, creed, nationality, and sexual orientation. Doge memes and Pepe memes and oodles and oodles of Hamilton memes. Daveed’s memeage was simply off the charts.

“Jesus Christ” Anthony couldn’t believe his eyes, “what are you gonna do with all these memes?”

“We’re gonna use them to prank Lin” said Daveed mischievously, “It’s gonna be hilarious”

“But how?”

“We got three nerf guns in my dressing room” said Daveed, “I’ve modified them to be meme-compatible. When Lin gets offstage after the second act and he gets to the bottom of the stairs, you, me and Okieriete jump out and pummel him with memes.”

“What????” Anthony was stunned, “That’s a terrible idea! And Okieriete is in on this too?”

Okieriete walked passed, “Sup Daveed. Got the memes”

“You know it”. They exchanged a fist bump and parted ways. “Don’t worry young Anthony, I have a meme gun loaded just for you”

“Okay…” said Anthony, “It sounds funny. I’m in.”


               The three conspirators dashed offstage that night at the end of “Non-Stop”, and lay in wait for the unsuspecting Mirandinator to make his exit. Lin was about to call Groffsauce to remind him that they’re in the play, but before he could, he was bombarded by a flurry of memes worse than the hail of bullets at the Boston Massacre. It was chaos. He was instantly floored, and hid behind the water cooler to prevent the onslaught, but the mischievous three were relentless. Meme after meme after meme after meme came hurdling into Lin. The Pepe ones hurt the most, for they were the dankest. Especially the ones where Pepe’s face was photoshopped onto Aham’s head. Lin was left exhausted and bewildered.

               Daveed pranced up to him and said with a snicker, “Much Lin. Very memes. Such prank. Wow.” The three laughed heartily, patted Lin on the back, and went about their business.

               But Lin was not laughing. He sat dejected until Jasmine Cephas-Jones happened upon his sad countenance, “Lin what happened?” she looked around, confused and concerned, “There are memes everywhere!

               “Daveed, Anthony, and Okieriete shot them from nerf guns when I came down the stairs. It was horrible!” Lin stroked his chin, “I need to get back at them somehow. But how?”

               “For that, you’ll have to visit the Meme wizard” said a mysterious voice. Jasmine and Lin turned and saw a mysterious masked stranger in the corner.

               “The what?” Jasmine was shocked.

               “Underneath the stage of the Richard Rogers theatre there lies a cavern, Within it is the one who controls the memes, the arbiter of all dankness. Only he can help you wreak your revenge. You must descend into the orchestra pit, and there you will find him when the clock strikes twelve. MUAHAHAHAHA” The man disappeared.

               “Goddamnit” Jasmine said, “I told our stage manager J.Phillip Basset that we need to get an exterminator for all of the mysterious ghosts in here!”

               “I must go.” Lin was determined, “Jasmine, if I don’t come back from the abyss of memes, tell my wife I love her. Preferably in freestyle rap form.”

               “Whatever” said Jasmine “I am so done with this whole situation” as she walked away she muttered “ ‘Meme wizard”… ‘Fuck outta here!”

** *

               That night Lin didn’t go out to sign autographs. He instead descended with a flashlight into the dark deptsh of the theatre to find the Meme Wizard. When he found him, it was crazy. He flashed his light onto his face and it was instantly farmiliar. Not only was it the mysterious ghost man he saw before, but he recognized the face, the eyes, the hair, the jawline, it was… could it be?

               “Jonathan Groff?!??!!” Lin cried.

               “Yes!” Replied the Wizard Groffsauce, “’Tis I!”

               “You’re the meme wizard?” Lin was baffled, “I thought you were supposed to be doing Hedwig!”

               “I have so many names” said Groffsauce, plucking a meme from his windowbox and placing it in his buttonhold, “This is just a part-time gig.”

               “B-b-but why are you dress like David Bowie from Labrynth? And what’s with the shepherd’s crook?”

               “This is my Meme-Wand of eternal power. And it is the only way you can pour out your wrath on Daveed, Anthony, and Okieriete. Take it. But be warn’d, with great power comes great responsibility, young Mirandinator”

               “Groff you’re younger than I am” Lin said, taking the staff, “But thanks. So… see ya. Good luck with the memes.”

               “One more thing” said Groffsauce, “remember…. To use the meme you must be the meme”

               “I need to become the meme?”

“MUAHAHAHAHA GROFF OUT!” he disappeared in a flurry of glitter.

“He is so weird” Lin said as he ascended.


10 pm. Stage door. Autograph time. Conditions were perfect. Okierete and Anthony were engaged in the normal fan-greeting activities, taking selfies, signing posters, trying to get Pippa to agree to sign someone’s face. But Daveed was uneasy.

“Do you think Lin will try to get back at you?” Asked Leslie

“Maybe” Daveed eyed the stage door ominously, “But we must prepare for the worst. Always.”

               He turned and saw the rest of the cast running for their lives. Pippa screamed, “DAVEED! LOOK BEHIND YOU!!!!!”

               Daveed turned and gasped, and saw Lin Manuel Miranda on top of a 100 foot tall unicycle, with two meme cannons at the ready. Lin resounded his battlecry, “HERE COME DAT BOIIIIIII!” and before Daveed could respond with the customary, “Oh, shit, waddup?” it was too late. The fray had begun

               A blur of memes. Swiping past, Hitting directly. The crowd scattered. Chris Jackson fainted. Cries of confusion and desperation. “SO….. MANY….. MEMES!!!” Cried Anthony as he fought his way valiantly through the onslaught, attempting to get to safety. Okieriete blocked the memes with his fists for a while, but Lin was merciless. By the end all three of them were left breathless on the ground.

               Lin slid down his unicycle like a fireman’s pole, and realized what he had done. He had never intended to inflict so much damage. He had to apologize “Daveed” he said… “I’m so sorry…. This was so wrong of me.”

               “It’s oaky” Okieriete said weakly, “You got us good.”

               “We shouldn’t’ve pranked you in the first place” Added Anthony, “It’s what we deserved, I guess”

               “We didn’t intend any of this,” Said Daveed, “I don’t want this to affect our relationship.” He held out his fist for a fist bump. “Friends?”

               Lin heartily reciprocated, “Friends”.

               “You have learned your lessons” boomed a resounding voice from the sky…. It was Groffsauce!”

               “Jonathan!” Said Lin “You’re back!”

               “I am,” said Groffsauce, taking his Meme-Wand mightily in his hand, “But I must be gone. My time on this planet is running out, and soon I must travel to other galaxies to spread my memes to the universe.”

               “What?” Lin said, “Galaxies, memes, universe?”

               “It matters not” Groff embraced Lin, “It’s not the destination that matters, but the memes we discovered along the way. The stars are calling me. Goodbye, Mirandinator! Until we meet again! WHEEEEEE!” Groffsauce hopped on his staff and flew away into the night sky.

               The next day, Alex Lacimore called a cast meeting, “Due to recent events, we are now instituting a policy that there will henceforth be NO MORE MEMES AT THE RICHARD ROGERS THEATRE” he banged his gavel and the crowd cheered.

               And so the cast of Hamilton lived happily ever after, and friendship was never ruined by memes ever again.



I can’t deal with them today. I gave myself a rage headache reading that post so I have to vent even though other people have already addressed how stupid it is. It’s wrong enough for a million debunk posts tbh.

it is also still possible that Briana did not have a baby – but that they got the paperwork from the hospital by bribing a doctor or member of staff, or that they paid off someone who did have a baby there to give them that paperwork, or mayby they forged the hospital paperwork.

They cite lawyerlarrie, who has demonstrably lied (or been totally mistaken) about this, to say maybe no one would even bother prosecuting the FALSELY FILED OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION if they weren’t harming anyone with it. The birth certificate is FILED, which they admit: “I am not contesting your premise A – it does seem that relevant authorities are distributing copies of birth certificates for a Freddie Reign Tomlinson, with Louis listed as the father.” Then they compare this to a FAKE ID. 

What this comparison says to me is that this person does not know enough about what’s going on to comment on it. At all. That is a RIDICULOUS comparison. Possessing a faked document is VERY different from FILING a faked document with the government. One of the most surefire ways to get a conviction for frauds and scams is when you get to the point where you have to lie on government documents. The Larry argument is that it’s ok if they’re not USING the birth certificate is ridiculous - the problem is FILING the false document. And birth certificates are not insignificant documents. They carry a lot of power. Forging one like a fake ID would be a much bigger problem anyway, but actually filing one is a whole different ballgame.

And as has been said over and over, this would be VERY EASILY DISCOVERED. This is a celebrity’s child. No one’s going to notice that he just does not exist?? Is Sony paying these doctors more than their entire future earnings when they at the very least lose their medical licenses? People can be bribed when they think they’ll get away with it. No one involved in this case has any reason to think that.

Modest/Syco/whoever would be behind a stunt would have serious motive for forgery – not going that lenghth would undermine the entire stunt.

They would never do a stunt that would require them to go this length. No one would put themselves in this position. I don’t even want to say “even if they faked a baby” because that acts as if that premise is somehow believable - which it is not!! But IF they somehow did, they would fake deny paternity before this point and would never reveal a name so it would be at least a hell of a lot harder to check the public records. This is simply too much of a risk.

Almost everything surrounding babygate tells me it’s fishy - the announcement during the first trimester with echos at times when you wouldn’t normally see anything on them - the fact that a celebrity got a girl pregnant during a one night stand (that was papped no less) and wasn’t able to keep that out of the papers alltogether even - the inconsistent bump - Briana’s miracle recovery & many papwalks during week 1 - the odd photoshopped pics of louis & the baby - the empty covered carseats - the recent shenanigans with three open babybottles and a stroller in the wrong position - the fact that Louis named his baby after either Freddy Mercury from Queen or a Youtuber who is a Larry. The one thing that doesn’t fit is the birth certificate that’s seemingly legit. 

These are the reasons not to believe there is a real birth certificate for a real child. These are the reasons to think it’s more likely that - apparently just to more effectively pin years of closeting on Simon Cowell, or to keep him off balance in their “war” against him - Louis Tomlinson filed a false birth certificate, breaking the law to do so.

Let me summarize what I think we can all expect would be some INCREDIBLE evidence, to counter a legal document, Louis’s own words on multiple occasions, photographs of Louis with the baby, his mother’s activity on social media, multiple paparazzi shots of him with the baby, the overall utter implausibility and lack of reason behind this stunt in any fashion, and basically everything in reality confirming that Louis has a baby.

  1. Paparazzi and tabloid media exist. Louis and Briana have been caught by the paparazzi on multiple occasions, both together and apart. Sometimes they carried a carseat and you could not see the contents. The story was announced slightly earlier than you’d expect. Louis did not hide the fact that he was an expectant father.
  2. Louis was able to impregnate a woman without… multiple attempts… i guess is what we’re saying here? And failed to use birth control or it didn’t work?
  3. Briana’s pregnancy looked different from different angles and in different clothing. (I believe some misdated photos were also spread by Larries.)
  4. Briana bounced back quickly from the pregnancy. (Although not as quickly as Larries say, they were insisting she had no bump when it was absolutely visible in some pictures.)
  5. Larries’ baseless insistence that the pictures were photoshopped. (Drawing red lines on a picture and circling places with different shadows does not mean a picture is photoshopped. The photoshop is clearly not obvious or undeniable because one of the best Larry photoshoppers, who believes in babygate, still said they thought that studio picture was real.)
  6. Briana struggled with a stroller and had open bottles of formula in her car.
  7. Larries have decided they know the only two possible reasons behind Louis and Briana’s choice of a name for their son.

I know Larries have other reasons they give for doubting the pregnancy and baby, but I think I have read them all and they are all as meaningless, irrelevant, fabricated, baseless and/or inane as these. The Larrie standard of proof on these things is “we want it to be true.” No proof for the name thing (or any reason to think it whatsoever), no proof for the photoshop, no proof the paps are being called, no proof except their own confirmation bias that anything they say is weird about Briana’s pregnancy isn’t normal, etc etc. God, they still refer to Freddie’s hands being proof he’s a doll based on this post that’s obviously, clearly incorrect just looking at their pictures.

And finally, if we accept that there is a real baby but that we can’t know for certain it is Louis’s, the following is true:

  1. Calling the baby a doll is dehumanizing and horrible, as is mocking his appearance or development in any way.
  2. Accusing anyone else of loaning their baby for Louis to take photographs with is horrible.
  3. Louis’s biological relationship with Freddie is not our business at all.
  4. If Louis is choosing to parent Freddie and Briana does not object, then we need to respect that. The situation could change, but at this point it seems extremely unlikely to, and expressing hope that it changes is also incredibly inappropriate.
  5. Louis and Briana’s parenting and custody choices are not our business.
  6. The months Larries spent insisting Briana was not pregnant are actually evidence of how much they are willing to distort facts so they can keep believing what they want, how little they accept how angles and lighting can change how things look in photographs, and generally how unreliable their analysis is.
perfect illusions

This is just a reminder to myself that may be useful for some of you too.

Most of us use it daily, some probably every hour. We love it, we enjoy it, we extract great advantages from it.

I do love the internet. Without it I wouldn’t have met some of the people I love the most. Without it I wouldn’t have gotten some of the best opportunities I got. Without it I wouldn’t have fallen in love with photography as much as I did. Without it a big source of inspiration would be gone. Without it it would be so much harder to stay in contact with friends from far away.
And there are so many more ‘Without it’-statements.

But as in most hymns of praise there is a but. And let’s be honest it’s a big but.

Every day we wake up to a newsfeed full of success-stories, full of happy-holiday-photos, full of public love-letters, full of people who seem to have the perfect face and body, full of people living the dream, living the life we would love to live.

Everybody seems to travel the world for months or years. Everybody seems to have found the love of their life at a young age. Everybody seems to make their dreams come true so easily. Everybody seems to lay at the beach looking flawless without any effort. Everybody seems to dance till dawn at the best partys on rooftops over New York and Paris.

And looking through this every day makes it so easy to feel less beautiful, less successful, less loved, less loving, less lovable, less adventures and less lucky. It makes us think that our life is not as great as the one the others live.

It’s not like we don’t see all the poverty and suffering on this planet. It’s not like we don’t know that millions on this planet live a life that we wouldn’t swap ours for at all.
It’s just some weird thing in our head that we rather compare our life to the perfect things we see from those people who life the dream.

And actually we know that the last sentence is missing a 'seem’. They seem to live the dream. Because this is how facebook, instagram, twitter and all of those things mostly work. We selectively share the good moments. And often these good moments are photoshoped additionally and often the photo of that good moment looks even better than it actually was. Because the photo was taken from a certain perspektive that excludes a lot of the reality.

We don’t see the fights of the seemingly perfect couple - becaue who takes photos of fights? We don’t see the rainy days of the seemingly perfect holiday. We don’t see how much work and sacrifice was put into a seemingly perfect body - and how the person is actually not even happy with it because they judge themself so much harder then we do. We don’t see how much work stands behind the success that someone achieves. And we don’t see how maybe one of their loved ones is suffering a bad illness and they would swap their success within a blink for healing their loved one. We don’t see that the person who travels the world maybe has a very bad relationship with their parents, or how they were bullied in school, or how they struggle with themselves.
Because most often we all only share the good things and maybe even make them sound and look even better than they actually are.

We all know that most people only show the perfect moments and that photos and words have the ability to make it look even better than it was. We all know that the others have problems too but we trick our mind. We blind it out and we believe those perfect illusions we see every day.
And we compare our life to them. And our life obviously has no chance to compete with a collage of perfect illusions.

Our generation grows up with the thought that everything is possible, that you only have to have a certain amount of followers or likes and then you will travel the world forever without having to work or pay for it. And everybody will love you and you will be happy.

Obviously this is not how it works - and deep inside we all know. Most often you have to work hard for it. And having many followers or likes doesn’t make you happy automatically, and travelling the world won’t make you happy automatically.

A month ago I was travelling the US for two months, living in a van, seeing the most beautiful places, and many people reached out to me telling me how they were jealous because I seemed to live the dream.
And don’t get me wrong it was two of the best months of my life and I know I am superlucky that I got the chance to do it but nobody saw that I was struggling hard because I was very unsatisfied with the photos I took during that time. And nobody sees how there were fights. And nobody sees how on a journey like that you have a lot of time to think about who you are and to wonder what you will do with your future.

In fact the things that made me the most happy on this trip were little things that you don’t necessarily have to travel to the other side of the world for. Like a friend pushing me on a swing. Like having a good conversation in rocking chairs. Like holding someones hand. Like playing music together. Like pancakes for breakfast. Like watching the world from a tree-house.

It really taught me that those people who always say 'It’s the small things.’ are right after all.

In the end I guess all I want to say is we have to stop comparing our lives to the perfect illusions. Maybe not comparing at all would be the best - lucky you if you can - but I think for most of us that’s almost possible. So maybe we should just remember how behind the perfect illusions there are problems too.
There is no perfect. Search for the small things instead of the big, shiny perfect. Remind yourself every day that perfect illusions are still illusions.

I don’t say it’s easy. But I say it’s worth trying because it will most definitely make us more happy.

Submitted to me.

Hey, english is not my first language, so please bear with me. i just want your opinion on the things i heard, this’s like really important to me. So I live in Thailand and when 1d came here, my friend was following them around. As you all know, louis and zayn went clubbing every night while they were here. Im not talking about zayn and the cheating rumor, this’s about louis.

Putting the drama inducing part under Read More. . 

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anonymous asked:

I don't mean to rude or anything, you seem like a very nice person but, how can you be 26 years old and be so into fandoms + find the time to read and write fanfiction, don't you work or go to school?

anon I’m sure you’re a lovely person so believe me I’m not being a bitch with this answer, but ;)

  • I’ve been into fandoms since I was thirteen and I wrote my first fanfic at fourteen. back in the day I went to school every day bar weekend for five hours, in hs I went every day except sunday and maybe saturday some years for five or six hours and I had homework, and then I went to uni for six years, and I still managed to find plenty of time for fandom and fanfic. like. you manage time, it’s not too complicated. actually I wrote most of the fanfic I ever wrote in my life during university, I think I have like 400 fics on lj at least still, and I went to class and studied and took finals. actually I write less fanfic when I don’t have anything to do for reasons still unknown to me, but anyway.
  • now I’m working/doing a traineeship/whatever and it’s sucking about 80% of my free time but like… okay so now I’m answering you right? at the same time I’m editing in photoshop pictures for the booklet that’s supposed to go to the refugees studying in the school I work/train at and I probably could watch some show I don’t particularly care for in the background if I felt like it. I can write fanfic ten minutes and switch to school planning for another ten. If I come home at six pm on monday I can watch got at six thirty and discuss it online through the evening.
  • I can read fanfic on my phone while I go to work or before I go to bed. I can write it when I have spare time or in breaks from work or whatever. Same as reading books. I can think about what I’ll write in my fanfic while I go to work on the metro or so on. It’s called managing your free time.
  • also like there’s people who are into fandoms who are twice my age. some of the first people I befriended in fandom back in the day were well into their forties and had been around fandom for ages. heck I used to be in old school bandom when I was seventeen, I was friends on lj with someone fifty who had three kids and it wasn’t weird or anything - we sent each other mail for that matter. I’ve been friends with people who were thrice my age back in the day. I’ve had some of my best conversations/exchanges/beta relationships with people fifteen years older than me who found time for fandom while writing their phd or teaching. I could go on for ages for that matter.
  • heck, I’ve just been to a SPN convention and like there are people who’ve gone for the last seven years same as me who are way into their fifties. I’m fairly sure there’s someone from england who has to be retired by now. for the first five rounds there was a whole family coming - father, daughter and possibly the mother at some point. I’ve seen a lot of people older than forty and younger than me. like they’re older than the actors they’re getting pictures taken with. and guess what, no one cares. we all love the same people/show, we’re there to have fun, so what if they’re not fourteen anymore?
  • like, I don’t get what’s so strange about people older than idk nineteen or out of college (which is still school btw) being into fandoms. fandoms are places you’re supposed to enjoy yourself in and talk about something you like and share it with others. like if I asked you ‘how can some guy be older than twenty-five and find the time to follow fifteen different european championships, go to football games every two weeks or every week if they follow the team, talk about his friends about the results for the entire next week’ and the likes it would be the exact same question, but somehow following sports is something that no one questions how you find time for, but writing fanfic should be?
  • furthermore: it’s not like there’s a set age to stop enjoying fictional stuff. like, there isn’t an expiration date on being into ships or fanfics or shows or the likes. like, I know you don’t mean to be rude but the gist of that question is ‘how can you be into fandom when you’re 26 that’s old’ and like it’s not… old at all? I’m not even thirty. sure I’ve been into fandom more than half of my life. I’d never change it tbh. but like I’m at what, one third of my lifespan hopefully? does that mean my expiration date already arrived and from this point on I can’t enjoy fictional stuff or writing fanfic or reading it? then what about people who enjoy it at fifty? (spoiler alert: some of the best porn I’ve ever read in my life came from people older than thirty-five. thank fuck it existed or mine would have been entirely more horrid.) people can have children and find time for fanfic or fandom. it’s called time managing. same as people can work or have kids and find time to go to sports games or music gigs or have nephews probably and watch supernatural. and so what? it’s cool. it’s a hobby.
  • not even going into fandom: at my first bruce springsteen concert I was in line with this fifty-something year old woman behind me. she was a huge fan since the eighties and never could see him live. her niece who was like - I was sixteen, she was twenty-something - had brought her as a birthday present even if she didn’t care for springsteen. we then ended up sitting with her one row behind me and I can 100% swear to you that she was every bit as enthusiastic as I was as it was both our first bruce concert and at the end we were both crying and it made zero difference. at my last springsteen concert I was in third row and in second there was a sixty year-old woman who camped there for the whole day and at some point called her son to go like ‘listen dinner is to be heated like this and that if you call later because you’re useless you’re on your own I’m seeing bruce bye’. and behind me there was a thirty-somethings couple who brought along their five year old kid who was as excited about bruce as all of us. enjoying things or people or music doesn’t have an expiration date. I’ll still be reading and writing fanfic when I’m into my thirties probably and I’ll enjoy every moment of it. and I won’t think I’m old except when I see people complaining that *old people* are in fandom spoiling their fun when we actually do want to have fun ourselves. (this isn’t aimed at you it’s more of a general attitude I see on tumblr and tbh when you’re old past early twenties according to people then idk what to tell you.)

tldr: because I manage my time and I find it for things I like. even if I work or go to school. and fandoms/participating in fandoms doesn’t have expiration dates. :)

My Heart Belongs To You

Summary: After Mikasa accepts an invitation to prom and begins a relationship with her date, things change between her and Eren. He finds it difficult to be around Mikasa without wishing he was the one dating her. But it’s not because he’s in love with her, or anything. Nope. Definitely not.

Pairing: eremika | Word Count: 10.9k | FFnet/AO3

A/N: because we all need a little more pining!Eren in our lives


Eren was exhausted. Early summer weather always made him tired, and coupled with the extra schoolwork from teachers racing to finish their curriculum just meant Eren really needed a break. And the upcoming holiday weekend was the perfect time to sleep, starting as soon as he got home.

If only his mom didn’t have another idea.

He doesn’t even get inside the front door before his mom’s pulling on his arm, all but dragging him up the stairs. Her hair, usually swept neatly to the site, hangs loose and messy around her head, and she looks nervous when faces him. “Hurry and get changed,” she says, tugging his backpack from his shoulders and dropping it by his door.

“Hey!” Eren complains, wincing a little under his mom’s hold. She always squeezes too tight when she’s stressed. “I’ve got library books in there.”

“And you spent too long in the library. I tried to call you, Eren. We’re late.”

She lets go and Eren shrugs, leaning against his doorframe with his arms crossed. “My phone died. And late for what?” His mom fixes him with a blank stare, raising her eyebrows after a moment of Eren mimicking the expression. “What?”

“Prom pictures?”

“Oh,” Eren says. “Yeah. Forgot about that.”

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The vamps jealousy preference 4/4?

AN - Sorry this has taken a while but I did explain in my last post. You didn’t really specify anything so I tried to mix it up a little. I’m sorry that some are a lot longer than others but I didn’t want to do the same kind of thing for each one. I hope you enjoy it. 

Brad:  I was seeing my best friend today after he’d come back from university miles away. Brad was staying with me because we were visiting my family for a bit so he was tagging along with me so he could meet my best friend as well. When I saw him I ran up to him and hugged him tightly, ”I missed you” I told him and he hugged me back while Brad stood there awkwardly. Me and my best friend kept joking around all day just like we used to before we went to different universities. Later that night when me and Brad were just lying on my bed I couldn’t help but notice he was wrapping his arms a little tighter around me. ”What’s wrong?” I turned my head to ask him because there was clearly something not right. He took a deep breath before looking down at me “You prefer me right?” He asked and I looked up at him confused. “What the hell are you on about?” I asked giving him a weird look. “I’m still your favourite guy?” He said and I knew what he was talking about now and I smiled and kissed him. “Of course Mr Jealous” I said smiling.

James: “Who are you texting?” James asked me for the 5th time in the past two days. “An old friend” I said bluntly, getting bored of always giving him the same answer and he still never seemed to accept it. Later that day he threw my phone out my hand and I glared at him slightly “What the hell was that for?!” I asked him, clearly annoyed and trying to reach for me phone, only for him to grab my hand and hold onto it. “I’m bored of you ignoring me for your friend” He said trying to be angry but it was just making him even more adorable than normal. “You’re cute when you’re jealous” I said smirking only causing him to pout at me and us both ending up laughing. 

Tristan: (Tristan’s P.O.V) Brad threw his phone towards me, forcing me to catch it before it hit me in the face. I looked at the screen which was why I was assuming he threw it at me and saw photos that fans had tweeted him of (Y/N) walking around the area she lives laughing and hugging some guy I’d never seen before. I wouldn’t of normally minded because he’s probably just a friend she hasn’t seen in a while but I was missing her loads at the moment, they seemed incredibly close and there were too many to be photoshopped. I passed Brad his phone back before walking off to the bunks on the tour bus. I looked through the twitter and saw her name was trending and clicked on it just as I got a call from her. I reluctantly answered, scared of what she was going to say to me, was she going to break up with me? “I went on twitter and saw everything but I swear I’m not cheating on you” She said quickly as soon as I answered. “Who is he?” I asked quietly, worried about the answer. “I’m sorry I never told you but he’s my half brother, I don’t talk to my dad anymore but I still see my brother and he came to see me today” She explained and I felt so much better suddenly, I knew about her dad and things that had happened so I knew it wasn’t a lie, not that she would lie to me in the first place. “I’m sorry baby, I was just worried” I said and I could hear her smile, “It’s alright, I love you” she said and I smiled as I spoke back, “I love you too”.

Connor: Me and James’ girlfriend were really close, we knew each other before me and Connor got together and it was because of her that we actually did get together. We were both on tour with the boys in America at the moment and as English girls do in America, we did a lot of shopping. The boys were doing a sound check and a few interviews so we went out and spent the day together. “You two have the cutest friendship” A fan told us who saw us in Brandy Melville, we couldn’t help both smiling, not realising her friend was filming the whole thing. Later in the day when we were backstage before the show I felt Connor’s arms wrap around me tightly. “Hi” I said smiling at him as he buried his head into my shoulder. “We’re cuter together than you’re friendship” He mumbled and I looked at him confused until I remembered the girls phone in her hand the whole time and I couldn’t help myself from laughing a little. I turned and made Connor look at me “You’re even cuter than our relationship” I told him smiling and kissed him softly, causing there to be a smile left on his face throughout the whole show.