photoshop 5.5

anonymous asked:

Scan it? What do you use to scan it? I've tried scanning my drawings, and holy hell it looks terrible once scanned. And, if you don't mind me asking, what do you use to add colour and "clean the fuck-ups."

I scan with my scanner (it originally was a printer too but that part is disfunctional) and, like you said, the scan looks rather terrible

So I open it in a Photoshop (i have version 5.5) and go to Image-> Adjustments-> Exposure

and make the colours more contrasted

Then use brush to cover dirt and fuck-ups with white. On the right side you’ll see panel with layers. Our layer is called Background and is locked so double click to make it unlocked. Then double click again to open this:

And chose Multiply to make all white parts transparent. Then we can create new layers that will be located under our contour and use colour that won’t cover our lineart

I hope that was helpful