Shower Twister!

Words: 3K

Warning: Smut..a slight daddy kink and I don’t know I’m sweating..

Summary: Michael and Y/N try out twister but in a totally different way, lead’s to some steamy shower sex and a whole lot of dominate Mikey.


“Michael we are not getting it” I said placing my hands on my hips. Me and my boyfriend Michael has just bought a house together and we had set up the basics. The bed, the kitchen, the front room along with our bathroom although most of that was already fitted in along with kitchen cupboards. Food shopping was super difficult with a boyfriend like Mikey, he was extremely fussy and all he wanted was cookies and pizza. He doesn’t realise that people actually have balanced diets and you have to have something other then pizza. 

Today though we’d decided to go to our local bathroom decoration shop it was fairly large and had a load’s of different things. From decorative toilet seats to bubblegum flavoured soap. In your trolly so far were two extra toothbrushes for spare as you already had two at home, four towel’s two large and two small. A load of toilet paper, extra soft and some baby wipes. We’d also bought some decorative shell’s my choice to put on the windowsill and I had picked out different air fresheners. You’d gotten to the shower things and Michael had picked out something that wouldn’t go with your bathroom. But the boy would not give up, you tried to ignore him after you told him no by going over to the shampoo and conditioner. 

“Please babe” He pouted, giving me puppy dog eyes. He burrowed his face in my neck as I grabbed the strawberry shampoo and put it in the trolley. I gently pushed his face away from me, keeping my eyes on the conditioner not wanting to give into him. Michael snuck round to the front of the trolley as I grabbed the conditioner, I held it in my hand and watched Michael intently. He smiled looking around the trolley and threw the packet in it. I sighed in defeat and glared at him.

“Fine” I groaned rolling my eye’s. Michael smiled cheekily and came round to the back of the trolley and behind me. 

“Thank you baby girl” He said kissing the shell of my ear. I smiled at the nickname and turned my body round to face him. I ran my finger’s over his beard slowly and leant forward, the smell of lavender filled the air due to the conditioner we were next too. I brushed my lips over his, feeling them tremble as he knew he couldn’t resist and winked at him. Michael’s eye’s flickerd down to my lips and back up. 

“You’re welcome Daddy” I whispered against his lips. Michael let out a raspy growl pushing his head forward against mine and biting my lip, pulling it between his white teeth. I kissed him and pulled back, smiling innocently I turned back around and pushed the trolley away from him. Michael smirked and shook his head snapping out of it and taking a deep breath. I could feel his eye’s burning into my ass and I turned around abruptly. Michael looked up and licked over his lips. 

“Come on, let’s check out” 

“I’m perfectly fine checking you out” He grinned. I laughed and made my way to the checkout. We bought the items and carried the bags to our car, loading it up. We drove home and Michael had grabbed his ‘gift’ running straight to the bathroom. I carried the rest of the stuff in and put it on the floor. I walked into our kitchen and poured myself a glass of water, it dripping into my clear round glass. I leant against the kitchen side and listen to Michael’s groans. I knew that Michael would get frustrated putting it up so I just let him be. Sipping away at my water and smiling to myself. After 5 minutes of waiting for him and scrolling through my Facebook feed I heard a booming voice echo through the house. 

“Y/N come look” Michael yelled. I furrowed my eyebrows and placed my phone on the counter, walking towards the stairs. I clutched the banister and made my way up the stairs and towards the bathroom. I went through the door and laughed. Michael had set it all up, but dear god I hope they come off. 

“Don’t you just love it”

“No, if I want to play twister. I don’t want it up against the wall and floor of my fucking shower” 

“Sure you do” Michael said taking off his shirt. I went to say something but I was distracted by Michael’s black necklace falling onto his pale chest. He threw his shirt on the floor and fixed his hair, his hand with the bracelets on sorting out his necklace, moving the clip to the back of his neck. I don’t know what it was but Michael wearing jewellery made me feel some type of way. Unfortunately Mikey began taking of his bracelets placing them on the side. He went to take off his necklace but I stopped him, grabbing his arms and pulling him towards me.

“Keep it on” I smiled stroking my hands over the necklace and down his chest. I kissed just below where the necklace was and looked up. Michael was smirking at me as his hand came towards my ass, stroking over it. I stepped back and pulled off my shirt, revealing my white push-up bra. I threw it on the ground and air kisses toward’s Michael. He looked so sexy stood there with his arm’s folded and his eyes glaring down my body. His trousers were hung low on his waist revealing his small happy trail. I unbuttoned my trousers and pulled them down my legs as sexily as I could without falling over my own feet. 

Michael leant against the wall and he tucked one of his hand’s into his trousers. I spun around and stroked over my body, smirking at him as I saw his hand moving over his covered bulge. I slid my hand up my arm to my bra strap and pulled it down. I did the same to the other strap pulling it off my arm. Michael let out a moan as I un-clipped the bra and pulled the cup’s off my boobs. I walked towards him swaying my hips, I rested my hands on his shoulders and started kissing up his neck. I latched my lips onto his sweet spot and sucked onto it, making sure to nip and bite at it.

“Y/N baby” he whispered. I moaned into his neck and moved my hands to the waistband of his trousers, unzipping them. Michael pulled them down also pulling his boxers down. I looked down and bit my lip. Naked Michael was definitely my favourite, he was so sexy and his cock was semi-hard. I stroked up his cock, squeezing it as I moved my hand along the length. Michael leant down and pressed his lips to mine. His hands came under my panties, pulling on them which made them slide down my leg’s by them selves. I stepped out of them and backed up toward’s the shower, letting go of Michael’s cock.

“Let play twister then” I said excitedly walking into the shower. I turned the shower on, cold water spurt ran down my body before the water turned to a Luke warm temperature. Michael got came into the shower pushing his body up against me so that he was under the warm water.

“How’s this going to work?” I asked turning round to face him. 

“So you choose my body part and the colour and I’ll do the same to you” he mumbled against my lips. 

“Ok” I smiled cheekily, knowing where this was going to lead. I pushed my wet hair out of my face as Michael looked at the twister spot. 

“Right foot green” Michael said smirking. I rolled my eyes placing my foot on the green spot against the wall and balancing myself against the shower window. I faced the wall looking at the green spot in front of me.  

“Left hand red” I said, Michael sighed noticing how I’m trying to get him as far away from me. He leant up against the wall, avoiding the spots on the floor. 

“Left foot blue” He chirped. I gave him a glare spreading my foot across to the blue spot, it wasn’t far but it meant that my pussy was in full view. I placed my hands on my hips and leant back the water dripping down my hair. I turned my head toward Mike who was staring at my tits. 

“Right foot red” I replied, watching his smile go into a frown. He slammed his foot on the red dot and I could see his jaw clenched. Michael was currently out the water and I could see his nipple’s going hard due to the coldness he must be in. 

“Right hand yellow” he growled. I slapped my hand against the wall, wiggling my ass, feeling it jiggle around. 

“Left foot red” I laughed, burring my head in my arm snickering. I looked back up at Michael who’s eyes were a darker shade of green and he looked really annoyed. 

“Right Daddy’s changing the rules” he roared, his hand coming down from the position as he made his way behind me. 

“Aw, how come I was having fun?” I giggled. 

“I’m going to choose what colour you’re up against and I’m going to fuck you, if you move from them spaces you’ll be denied an orgasm princess, that ok?” He groaned, his hand came stroking over my ass and down towards my core.

“Yes Daddy” I whimpered, he ran his fingers over my clit and down towards my entrance. I moved my hips across his smooth fingers, as he slid them around. He pressed his fingers to my clit and moved them from side to side, circling it between his two fingers. I reached my left arm around to his hair and grinded against his fingers. I pulled onto his hair as he circled his finger around my entrance. 

“Left hand blue” He said pushing a finger into me. My leg shook as I slammed my hand against the blue dot. Michael pumped his finger in and out of me at a slow pace. I tried to move my body onto him but he just laughed pulling it out. I whined turning my body to face him, taking my left hand off the blue. Michael brought his fingers to his lips and glared at me pushing my body facing the wall and smashed my hand against the blue dot. I let out a hiss, clenching my fist and resting up against the wall. 

“I want you to take a step back on both dots” he purred. I did as he said taking both my feet a step back so my ass was pressed right up against Michael’s dick. He pushed up against me, sliding his tip over my clit before smugly laughing and getting onto his knees behind me. He placed a few gentle kisses to my ass cheeks before place a kiss to my entrance. He licked up a long stripe from my clit all the way to the small dip in my back. He bit down on my skin, creating a small bite mark. 

“Daddy please” I moaned pushing my ass into his face. He smiled into my pussy, kitten licking over my clit. I mewled fisting both my hands and closing my eye’s. He nibbled at my clit, slurping onto it. Michael’s hands came to my ass squeezing it and spreading it out whilst he sucked onto me. I leant my head against the wall as Michael slid his tongue down to my entrance. He licked over my hole and slurped up my juices. He flicked his tongue over my entrance and delved in, I instantly felt a wave of pleasure shake through me. 

“Daddy” I rasped, feeling Michael’s tongue rub against my wall’s and his lips sucking over it. He thrusted his tongue into me the wet muscle licking around. I pulled my leg’s closer together, slightly coming off the dot I was supposed to be standing on. Suddenly a sharp slap was delivered to my ass, Michael parted my legs once again and sucked onto my folds. It felt lie my eye’s were going to roll into the back of my head as he bit down growling and licked back over my fold’s. 

“You have such a pretty pussy, taste delicious” He moaned, your pussy fluttered and you moved your hair over to one side. Looking over your shoulder you saw Michael’s body and Michael’s blonde hair tucked in between your legs. You turned back around and threw your head back, rolling your hip’s on his tongue as he wiggled it side to side. Michael took his tongue out of me and slid it up and down my folds slurping it up. He slapped my ass, the stinging sensation rippling through my body as he stood up. 

“I want you to turn around a face me princess, right knee yellow and left knee green” I nodded, turning to face him and getting onto my knee’s as elegant as I could. I looked at him through my eyelashes, his hand was wrapped around his thick pale cock. He winked at me as I opened my mouth, parting my lips.

“You want Daddy’s cock?” he asked, tapping the tip against my lips. I stroked up his legs and grabbed his balls, rolling them in my hand. 

“Yes Daddy” I whimpered licking over his tip and moving my hand over the base of it, jerking him off slowly. 

“Ah Ah Ah” he tutted “Right hand yellow, left hand green” I move my hands down onto the colours, feeling the water sprinkle between my finger. I licked over his tip as he pushed himself inside my mouth. I sucked on his tip, swirling my tongue around and kissed it. I ran my tongue over the vein from the base to the tip, making sure to let out a small whimper. Michael let out a grumble as I took his tip back into my mouth. Michael threaded his fingers through my hair, pushing me down his dick. The tip hit the back of my throat as I sucked.

“Just like that baby” He praised thrusting his hips into my mouth. I made sure to move my tongue around, tracing over his vein’s. I nuzzled my head down his cock and deep throated him. I bobbed my head, feeling him hit the back of my throat over and over again. I slightly gaged, spreading my saliva over his cock. Michael pumped his cock as I hollowed my cheeks around his tip. I took my mouth off him and fluttered my eye’s up at him. 

“Stand up princess” Michael said, I looked up at him. His body shining from the shower water and his hair flat against his forehead. I stood up climbing up his body and pushed his hair out of his face.

“You’re so good to daddy” he praised, resting his hand on my cheek and leaning forward.

“I know” I smiled, kissing his red lips. Michael pushed me up against the wall just by the force of his lips. He licked across my lips and I parted mine, feeling his tongue invade my mouth and saliva up my lips. I sucked onto his tongue and ran my fingers over his neck, over his stubble. 

“Right hand blue” he whispered against my lips. I whined placing my right hand against the blue dot just the side of my head. Michael looked over at my hand and lifted it so it was the blue dot right next to my head. 

“Left leg green” he moaned pecking my lip. I placed my foot on the green floor dot, but yet again Michael was not happy. He lifted my leg so that my foot was bent back onto the wall dot and he pressed up against me. He slid his cock in-between my fold’s, his hand’s on my waist as he grinded against me. Michael moved so he was in a better position and spread my legs. He tapped his tip against my entrance and slid in.

“Fuck Daddy, you fill me up so good” I whimpered. Michael could hardly control himself, tilting his head back whining and suddenly thursting forward. Michael’s cock stretched me out as he rammed into me. The water from the shower spraying in all different directions. I moved my hand around his shoulders bringing him closer to me. He tucked his head between my neck and kissed over my shoulder. His cock moved inside me making my walls clench around him. He lifted his head and looked at me smirking.

“Fucking beautiful” he said grabbing my cheeks and placing a sloppy kiss on my lips. I moaned into his lip and licked over his. We made out up against the wall whilst his dick rammed into me. I took my leg off the wall and wrapped it around Michael’s waist. He gave me a questioning look, rasing his eyebrow. 

“Did I say you could do that?”

“Please Mikey” I pouted. He smiled kissing me and sucking onto my lips. The pit in my belly started to bubble and I shut my eye’s in pleasure. Michael’s cock ran up against my walls. I looked down at where our bodies were connecting and bit my lip. Michael long pale white cock sliding in and out of my pussy. I looked back up and Michael, he looked fucking magical. I felt my high approach and take over my body. I came around him, my wall’s clenching and my hands fisting by my side.

“S-shit” Michael stuttered. I came down from my high and moved my arm, Michael was still rocking in to my sensitive clit, he pulled out and groaned tugging on his cock. White spurts spurted against the blue dots and dripped down the wall. I smirked leaning against the wall. Michael stopped jerking himself off and stood still. 

“Maybe we can play normal twister next time?” I giggled. Reaching for the shampoo bottle and squirting some on my hand.

“Or paint twister! How fun would that be?”

A/N: Thank’s to my beautiful girlfriend for sending me this and giving me the idea.. I’m doing a glow in the dark and paint twister and if anyone has any other twister idea’s that would be can request!