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Finally finished this Manwe and Varda picture inspired by Jugendstil graphics. Actually it`s more of costume sketch than art as these are outfits I had in my head while me and my friend were sewing our own Manwe and Varda costumes (which you can see here and here. Still plan to do proper photoshoot this year)

Also bonus! Just for fun made gif of my progress of working on this picture. So if anyone interested how it looks like:

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He sure went to Paris as a surprise to her. And he brought his whole team with him to surprise her too and not cause he was working? And then he had a photoshoot and interview scheduled with style just out of nowhere for fun when he was there? They really think we are this dumb???? LMAO

well…. some people definitely buy their shit so you know, they forget that others can put two and two together. 

Unfortunately, our Joker cosplayer emailed me this morning saying he didn’t like the photos and that he didn’t want them on the internet because it was bad for his cosplay business. I wasn’t aware he was taking this so seriously as this photoshoot was just for fun. I got berated this morning telling me that this was “very unprofessional” and that I was not to put his pictures on the internet. So all the group shots and Joker/Harley shots are for nothing and now no one gets them.

Very upset this fun shoot took this turn. Like really really upset. Like panic attack upset.


When Misako tries to wrap the shoot up even though Shuta’s turn hasn’t happened yet.


Despite having to reschedule due to my being escorted out of the BCC for having a metal bat like a true delinquent literally just as we were about to have the shoot, a huge shoutout to Illusionist Dragon Photography for doing our Inuyasha photoshoot. They were so much fun to work with and just lovely overall. A+, would recommend, would shoot with again.

Convention: Otakon 2016
Inuyasha: Ume-chan-sensei
Kagome: Mr. Boyfriend
Photographer: Illusionist Dragon Photography


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I can’t wait for they to release all the shots I am dying to see the one of the bathtub in HQ Kendall is such a gorge girl, whomever say she is not is really fucking blind AF

im pretty sure those pics are just a fun photoshoot thing not part of the episode at all… at least i fucking hope because you cant. you cant jam so many things into every ep. im already trying to cope with how the jughead ep is going to be bettydale, and theres already gonna be cheryl content in it, and probably more parents bullshit, you CANNOT also jam in some kind of dream sequence shit unless its only approximately 14 seconds