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Splitting Hairs

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Splitting Hairs
[You’ve just about had it with Rapmon hiding his hair concepts from you]

This was total and absolute bullshit.

You were understanding about the whole idol thing in many ways. There was just going to be things that your boyfriend was going to have to do that you didn’t agree with. Photoshoots, dramas, music videos, late nights at the studio or practice. 

You understood it all.

But if there was one thing that drove you absolutely mad it was secrets.

And that secret being what color your boyfriend’s hair was. You didn’t realize it at first since your time together had been so limited between all of his studio time. But when you noticed that your boyfriend refused to see you without some ridiculous hat on his head, you knew he’d dyed his hair. And Big Hit had this policy for keeping every aspect of their concept top secret.

“Why the hell can’t I see it!?” you huffed, stomping your little foot.

Namjoon winced and rubbed his hands together apologetically. “Come on Jagi don’t be like this….Bang PD would kill me”

“I’ll kill you!” you glared at him.

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I dont use tumblr too too much but wanted to say thank you to those who have defended me and didn’t listen to the negativity towards me. I do know there will still be those people who hate me for, well whatever reason they have towards me but… thank you. Thank you for checking up on me when shit hit the fan and were there for me. Whatever reason you hate me, that’s ok cause I dont hold grudges toward others. My feelings are still the same but it’s time for all of us to just move on. I do hope we can all just focus on the present and future and create a loving community.

(I don’t really have a tumblr fanbase so its kinda to the accounts who are leafy fans and don’t have twitters. Again, Thank you.)