heeeeres yamatos daughter, the diviner saoirse! (pronounced sehr-shay. it’s irish, yo)

class: diviner
advanced class: onmyouji, basara
alignment: corrins army

(it’s possible for yamato to s rank with male units, and in that case, saoirse is his adopted daughter)

saoirse spent her time in the deeprealms with little actual contact with her father, yamato, due to his busy schedule. however, he would often send her letters and tome-taken photos of the places he’s been on business, and during the war. these mementos gave her a great desire to see the outside world.

saoirse wears a traditional hoshidan diviner costume, in mahogany and green. her beads, however, are made of nohrian cedar. like her father, she has a love for both nations and wants to see the war over with quickly. the clips on the vest of her outfit are gifts from yamato.

saoirse is precocious, charming, and personable. unfortunately, she didn’t inherit her fathers charismatic business demeanor, so it’s easy to scam her out of all her money and belongings. this is also due to the fact that she is very trusting and cant sense imminent danger. she’s also very concerned with her looks and enjoys makeup and changing her hairstyles.

updates from a super sleep deprived easter bunny:
~ sarah’s been in labor since 3:30am
~ we’ve been in minneapolis since 3:00pm
~ we are also running on 5 hours of sleep
~ iced coffee is my life blood right now
~ me + my sisters are 100% wearing our bunny ears for the whole labor. i will literally fight anyone who tries to tell me i can’t
~ currently have a pool going for when baby will be born… i’m thinking i’m going to lose with my 11:11pm guesstimate?!
~ wish us luck!!!! we will need it :)
~ also dan is the best doula assistant in the world and it is so cute my heart is so melty