Look at this incredible transformation - 22/05/10 to 20/06/16. A lot has changed in six years, myself (right in both pictures) and Laurie (left in both pictures) especially, but my sister is still working very hard at her photography. She was 13 when she took the first photo in this set and now, at 19, is taking photos for a living. She is very young and very talented and I am sure she is an artist to watch. If you’re based in Scotland, you can contact her for creative collabs or to hire her for events! If you’re not, you should certainly check out her incredible art on her Facebook page, which is here! 

Degrassi’s invisible bisexuals.

Note: Overall, Degrassi is pretty far ahead of other teen drama shows in terms of queer representation. That said, one thing I wish they’d do a better job with is giving non-monosexual queer people visibility and using real words to talk about them.

I don’t get why everyone keeps referring to Imogen as a lesbian. In 13A, she said she was “open-minded.” Considering that Adam made it clear that he was not willing to date lesbians (seeing as how he’s male and doesn’t want to just be appreciated for his AFAB body), I find it hard to believe that Imogen and Adam would have hooked up if Imogen was 100% gay. To me, it seems like Degrassi is allergic to the word “bisexual.” Paige was considered “basically straight but not into labels,” Imogen is always referred to as a lesbian who’s “open-minded,” and Miles has never actually self-identified as bisexual even though he really seems to be. It’s fine to be not into labels or open-minded, but a lot of people are bi, and so far no one has really called themselves that on the show.

Can we just get a character who’s openly bi on this show already?