The Academy Is… by Joel Faurote

The Disappearance of 9 year old Cédrika Provencher

On July 31, 2007 Cédrika Provencher “disappeared” from Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada after supposedly agreeing to help an unknown man find his missing dog. She was seen emerging from a wooded area with a friend, closely followed by a man. She was then seen on her bike in a local park and on various nearby streets but was then last seen at 8PM by two neighbours. Days before Cédrika was abducted - the same man was reported in her neighborhood trying to get other children to help him find hislost” puppy. Eventually on the 3rd of August - it was finally suggested that Cédrika had been abducted (despite local media and residents suggesting that in the first place). (What is also very strange about this case is that despite the witnesses seeing Cédrika with a man and the last sightings by her neighbours of her - [not forgetting Cédrika’s age] (a 9 year old). Police suggested that she had voluntarily run away rather than being abducted). How odd.

Despite the offer of a reward - her whereabouts remained unknown for more than eight years. On December 11, 2015 in the woods of Mauricie, an area of Trois-Rivières, Quebec (roughly about 9 miles from where Cédrika was last seen) three hunters stumbled upon a set of human remains. On the 12th of December it was confirmed that the remains were that of Cédrika.