Photoshoot ideas
  • The Elements (Earth Air Fire Water) looks
  • The seasons (Summer Fall Winter Spring)
  • Different makeup looks for the different Harry Potter Houses
  • Different Goddess/Gods from Mythology
  • A look symbolizing the styles from the 1920s until Now.

What do you guys think? I want to do a photoshoot for my professional portfolio and these are my ideas. If you guys have any suggestions, please feel free to add them!


I’ve always loved the idea of doing a series shoot based off of music albums, or common saying.
“Smoke and Mirrors” “The 1975” “Midnight Sun” “How to be a Human Being” “Master of Puppets” “Method to my Madness” “Blood is Thicker than Water” “Cup of Joe” ect.
Just making a series that truly portrays the music, the feel, the mood, the saying. Personified music and images that really make you feel.
If anyone is interested in this, let me know! I’d love to get more ideas and feedback. Thanks guys 😊

😭😭😭😭 I found a basket and had the most adorable photoshoot idea. This is just the test to see if he would fit- he does. Tomorrow we go outside for better photos. HES SO CUTE