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Hello Everyone! 

For this weeks DIY, I went with something who want flowers in their home but can’t deal with the constant upkeep. By attaching these tissue flowers to twigs you get a beautiful fake plant. 

Simply get tissue paper, a few ties and some string in order to create these super easy decorations.

Enjoy, Robin x

#Cosplayer @naulewolf as #Bayonetta! Photo by @pixelixarte. #cosplay

@Regrann from @pixelixarte - Os traigo una de las #fotos de la #sesion realizada con @naulewolf con su impresionante #cosplay de #bayonetta dentro de poco os traere el resto de fotografias, espero que os gusten #picoftheday #platinumgames #gamer #instagram #photoshoot #nikon #d750 #props #witch photoshoot #fb #tb
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So I’m gonna be doing 2 big projects this year (might take longer depending on life events and finances, etc) but I want to do all of Madotsuki’s effects from Yume Nikki with elaborate photoshoots, including sets and props and a variety of locations, and I also want to try and do most or all of Lain’s outfits from Serial Experiments Lain, both the anime and the game. I’ll have other costumes too, but I’m doing a lot for these and I’m thrilled about it.


Digital snaps from Twin Peaks Editorial.

Set design and props by me :) 

Photographer // Xanthe Ellis
Stylist // Zoe Hancock
Set design and styling // Ciara Clark
Model // Drew Gregory
MUA // Louise McCann
Hair // Josh Goodwin
Assistant // Grace Hudson

ITS DONE ITS DONE ITS DONE ITS DONE  All i have to do is spend a few minutes aging it. Its done. Holy crap i want to cry. Ive never made anything like this before and its done. Ooooh sweet baby Azura its done.  Ok im doing a short photoshoot with it over the next couple days, and then like.  A huge Skyrim photoshoot with props and set dressing at a later date.  I was originally going to do the big one right away but I NEED to get the celebratory photoshoot itch out of the way so I can plan properly.


The evil whithin’s photoshoot props WIP.

1. The famous green BRAIN JUICE!! 8DDD we had to make with green food coloring and gelatin to make it look as real as possible. It was fun to make them because they were very unpleasant to look and that we love that

2. The syringe that uses “Seb” to heal himself.

3. The trap mine which sees in the game.

4. And holster + sebastian´s belt.

P.D: Sorry for our English, we will improve it


My Grey Warden cosplay is finished and ready for Katsucon and Magfest!! <3
I’m sick so I really wasnt in the mood for taking more dynamic poses, excuse how lazy they are, I’ll wait to be cool for my photoshoot LOL..

Props not properly pictured: 2 Potions (Health and Stamina Potion), 2 Poisons (Venom and Crow Poison), 2 daggers (Duncan’s sword/dagger and a Dar’Misu since Duncan was important to the Warden and a Dar’Misu because that’s what the dalish warden starts with.) I’m also wearing a darkspawn blood necklace made by @reyairia years ago for me ♥ Ears are from CosplayFX on etsy!

I put a LOT of detail and care into this, combining things from Origins (Vallaslin) and Inquisition (the overall design is the new Rogue Grey Warden design) Because I wanted to look like how the Warden would be in DAI! Some things I’ll refine after con….but it was my first time making a breastplate so I’m patting myself on the back for that at least lmao

Summer, 2014
Camera: Nikon EM

Also one of my favorites. Though it seems this picture is staged, it isn’t. We were carrying props for the outdoor photoshoot for Linda Valkeman and someone just dropped these mirrors in the grass for later use. I love these moments where things just get together unintentionally.