photoshoot props

Hello Everyone! 

For this weeks DIY, I went with something who want flowers in their home but can’t deal with the constant upkeep. By attaching these tissue flowers to twigs you get a beautiful fake plant. 

Simply get tissue paper, a few ties and some string in order to create these super easy decorations.

Enjoy, Robin x

Reputation pop up shop information / my experience

Okay so you’re all in for a long post. So I live in New Jersey and we woke up at 6 to get ready and drove in. We were in the line by 8 and it opened at 11. So we froze for 3 HOURS. And around 10 a lot of people started coming. Taylor nation even came and started filming the line and did individual interviews and group interviews with fans (I did not get interviewed). Then it was like 10 minutes to going in and Taylor nation started us all singing Dont Blame Me and then we all sang Gorgeous. Then the first few people were given numbers. 

They revealed the display windows and the first 25 numbers were let in (yayyyyy). When we went in the store the album was BLASTING and everyone was welcoming us (all the staff had the cutest grey long sleeved shirts with rep in blue on them I wanted to buy it so much). So there were 2 photoshoot areas with lwymmd props. The first was the THRONE itself. I was like 4th on the line for that and they asked everyone if they were 18 and I’m NOT (i’m 17 and I don’t understand why I would have to be anyway) but I was like YEAH YUP 18 MHM. They had these really sparkly things right next to the waiting line and also there was a geotag

I am obsessed with my throne picture. They had this special camera set up and after your picture was taken you entered your email address and it instantly sent me my pic! Also I thought it was funny they had 2 people with swiffers clean the floor of the throne piece after each person took their picture. Right next to the throne was a mini museum of the lwymmd outfits 

And then there was another picture area with a big light up T. There was also a *trigger warning* flower mural with a heart with a crown to take pics by

Other picture taking places included the light up “you’re so gorgeous” sign, the light up “taylor swift now” sign, and a couch with the phone from the lwymmd music video as a picture prop (they also had tons of spare cat masks they let you wear)

There was also a lounge area with cookies and free guitar picks and cards where they tried to sell you direct tv or something

They also had a display of the outfit from the ready for it music video!

So now… the moment you’ve all been waiting for… merch. There was tons of merch in the store. Also the staff were all really friendly and will help you take pictures and such. There were displays all throughout

For the merch there were a few racks with signs at the front of the racks saying the price of everything on the racks. Each piece is for display only and you had to ask staff to get something from the back if you wanted to buy anything (this made the experience soooo much more enjoyable than I expected it to be). Each piece was displayed with one of each size and mirrors nearby. You weren’t allowed to try on any merch but you were allowed to take them off the racks and hold them up to your body and such. What I thought was really cool was that a staff member would act as your personal shopping assistant and help you with everything and placed your order for you. I already had a list of everything I wanted and prices (she was very happy about that). I bought $400 worth of merch and I am a very happy girl. Then, you wait for your merch order to be processed and go to the register whenever you want and give them your order number. They bring the merch out from the back and the person at the register checks to make sure everything is correct and the right size (make sure you are paying attention, they almost gave me the wrong color joggers). The tax is built in to the price (BIG YAY) and every purchase comes with a free tote bag!

And that’s it! If you want, I can go into more detail on the merch there, prices, displays, quality, or anything else. This post is already long enough so hit up my ask box if you have any more questions! I’ll be happy to answer all questions (ESPECIALLY merch related questions)

Your VERY happy and merch obsessed swiftie friend,



So I’m gonna be doing 2 big projects this year (might take longer depending on life events and finances, etc) but I want to do all of Madotsuki’s effects from Yume Nikki with elaborate photoshoots, including sets and props and a variety of locations, and I also want to try and do most or all of Lain’s outfits from Serial Experiments Lain, both the anime and the game. I’ll have other costumes too, but I’m doing a lot for these and I’m thrilled about it.