photoshoot props

Hello Everyone! 

For this weeks DIY, I went with something who want flowers in their home but can’t deal with the constant upkeep. By attaching these tissue flowers to twigs you get a beautiful fake plant. 

Simply get tissue paper, a few ties and some string in order to create these super easy decorations.

Enjoy, Robin x

Mommy’s little peach!!

Her first session was not so great but the last two were a blast! I can’t wait to have this printed on a canvas and placed on the wall in her nursery.

My sister did an amazing job with her shoot. It’s such a blessing (to my pockets) to have a photographer in the family.

Her next shoot will be with her daddy’s guitar. I can’t wait.

ITS DONE ITS DONE ITS DONE ITS DONE  All i have to do is spend a few minutes aging it. Its done. Holy crap i want to cry. Ive never made anything like this before and its done. Ooooh sweet baby Azura its done.  Ok im doing a short photoshoot with it over the next couple days, and then like.  A huge Skyrim photoshoot with props and set dressing at a later date.  I was originally going to do the big one right away but I NEED to get the celebratory photoshoot itch out of the way so I can plan properly.