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BTS Reaction to you being a freelance photographer-

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Jin was your muse. Your model. And your assistant. You loved taking Mr. Worldwide Handsome to remote, beautiful locations and having a photoshoot. But your favorite part was at the very end, you always ended up posing in front of the camera while Jinnie snapped the photos. “Okay now blow a kiss. Yes!”


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Although he pretended to be annoyed, Yoongi actually loved so much when you asked him to model for you. And he loved the passion you had for your photography as well. “Look the other way baby, yes perfect.” You said as you continued snapping pictures of Yoongi in a gorgeous forest. “Whatever you say, angel.”


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Hoseok loved having a photographer as a partner. He loved playing with all of your camera equipment. (Even though you’ve told him thousands of times not to touch it.) And he loved modeling for you. Mostly because you always brought up his confidence during your one on one photoshoots. “My Hope, look at you! You’re shining brighter than the sun, baby!” He blushed and laughed, looking away from the camera. “Baby stooop!”


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On this particular day, you were taking photos of Namjoon in an under ground tunnel with graffiti all over it for your portfolio. Every pose he struck was pure gold and you were loving.  “I don’t even have to tell you what to do, you just look so good babe.” He smiled at that, his dimples deep and prominent.  “Baby, thank you.”


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There was no doubt in your mind that you’d come home to your cameras out and filled with new pictures of your boyfriend in your pictures. You looked through all of the pictures he’d taken, mostly of himself, while you were out and you couldn’t help but fall deeper in love with him. “Such a doll.”


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If you weren’t taking pictures of Taehyung, he was taking pictures of you. You were each other’s models. He loves learning more about photography and you absolutely love teaching him. “Do I look up or down, babe?” “Just the way you are, perfect.”


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Jungkook always asked to go with you to different photoshoots for clients, even if he wasn’t the model or you didn’t need any help. He genuinely loved your photography and loved watching you in action. “Take those pictures babe!” 

69/100 pictures of the BAEne of my existence, christopher robert evans.


Film takes so long and so much time of your life and energy, why would you do it if you’re not saying something that matters to you? I have the luxury of having a great life, I don’t need more. I don’t do this for money. I do this for the pleasure and for the big chance to connect with others. If you’re gonna go out and tell people they have to sit down and listen to something you have to say for two hours, it should matter.