photoshoot 2014


People attach too much to the idea of being a model, that you can only be a certain way to have done it. You will always be dealing with it. You’re an actor who used to be a model who never trained; there are not many directors queuing up - Jamie Dornan


“It’s such a big part of the character that I wanted to know what I was doing.This guy came along with his submissive, I sat in the corner with a beer and watched. My driver was on the other side of the door, God knows what he thought”_ Jamie Dornan talks about his preparation for FSOG role in Shortlist Magazine


For Dakota it’s a different thing, you know, she was literally in those scenarios for real. She is you know, tied up, she is exposed, she is naked and of course when we called cut…Someone has to step in. I am not gonna just leave her lying there, so exposed - Jamie Dornan talking about Dakota. 

It’s been so lovely, I think that we got really lucky. Uhm, I couldn’t ask for a better person to be doing these things with and even to be filming the movie with. He’s really trustworthy and kind and gentle and funny and like…just awesome.- Dakota Johnson talking about Jamie.