im learning how to paaaaaiiiiint on photoshoooop - fucking finally -_- with Nino and Ayla. the design for Jade Turtle Nino is from @thelastpilot of course

this started out as a warm up sketch but I decided to start practicing digital painting … it’s super messy, i didn’t even bother cleaning up the line art which i regretted once i started working on Nino ,, i have no idea what I’m doing but I’m having so much fun,,, so here the wip cause I want to share my progress !! I’m so excited

withlove-tae-deactivated2017110  asked:

Ahhh sorry that I forgot youuu haha. But I made it because I got accused of stealing gifs... -.- yeah, just because i love making gifs in B/W doesnt mean i steal them, i pay money for photoshoooop. well whatever, lets move on :D and this is just my new watermark :D so everyone knows who they belong to, literally. (it will be smaller on my actual gifs ofc)

Ahhh thats why you made that huge tag I see I was like She covered their eyes LOL Dont forget about me when it comes to VKook I am such a slut for them