photosets 3


OMG, what a gem I’ve found browsing through the #skam tag. It’s actually @darktwistedlady who noticed this and I’m just sharing it. Such a great moment I’ve never noticed before.

So, it’s from 3x03 at the end of the rave pre-game.

The story:

1-2: Even is trying to make eye contact with Isak as he just did all night. Looking for a clear sign that Isak’s really interested in him.

3: Isak notices. He knows that Even is looking at him. Again. LMAO

4-7: Isak is breaking eye contact and FUCKING IMITATING A BJ WITH HIS TONGUE (I’ve noticed Even doing this before but never Isak).

8: Isak looks at Even again like: “yeah, I’m game, it’s your turn now” LOL

9-10: Even’s glad (you can see a tiny smile in the corner of his mouth), he got the green light from Isak. Now he can move in (kitchen scene next, only for their first kiss-to-be interrupted by Noora).

HILARIOUS! I mean, the attention to detail. I’m in awe!