‘Improbable Libraries’ Beautifully Depicts The Fun Side Of Libraries

There’s just something about a library – its well-thumbed, plastic-sheathed bestsellers and dusty shelves of obscure treasures, all just waiting to be picked up and enjoyed by you. And then someone else, someone you may never meet. A library brings readers together into one space to share, exchange, and unlock the secrets of books. Oh, and it’s absolutely free to use.
Alex Johnson, a journalist for the U.K.’s Independent and the author ofImprobable Libraries, agrees. But he’s also noticed that libraries don’t just operate out of drab brick municipal buildings or aged edifices with Gothic arches.

See more of these improbable libraries here. 


Thomas W. Schaller (American, based Venice, CA, USA) - 1: Fog On The Tiber, Rome, 2014  2: Dreams Of The Dordogne, 2012  3: Manhattan Beach Pier, 2010  4: Horyuji Temple - Nara, 2011  5: Ponte Fabricius - Rome, 2011  6: From St. Paul’s, London, 2010  7: Great Hall, Ellis Island, 2010  8: Night In The City, 2013  9: Black Dog  10: Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto, 2011   Paintings: Watercolors