imyooniee  asked:

HI~ I would like to request RFA's reactions to MC being a world famous cosplayer and having so many male fans :p

there is already a famous cosplayer MC headcanon, so this will mainly focus on MC’s male fandom ^^


  • how does he even breathe next to MC 
  • they’re so… popular
  • they literally have at least fifty thirsty boys comenting on their pics every day
  • yoosung has like, one comment from Seven calling him a twink and another from a bot on his instagram selfies
  • honestly he can get quite a bit jealous and possesive so he tries to show the world he is with MC
  • he doesn’t want to be super obvious about his jealousy though, so he keeps it in him until he has the chance to keep MC all to himself for a while


  • she’s in awe of MC’s ability to just. handle all those odd comments on their social media
  • if jaehee ever had so many people commenting stuff like “please sit on me” or “holy crap ur so pretty plz step on me” she’d go insane
  • but MC just shrugs it off like “it’s just the thirsty fuckboys leave it be it doesn’t bother me”
  • jaehee knows MC is hella dang pretty so she’s not surprised MC has so many fans?? 
  • she did wish they toned down the whole “mc you are the most handsome person i’ve ever seen please walk on me” but what can she do


  • nOOOO
  • all these men…. they think the same…..
  • they’re wolves. he’s sure of it
  • probably gets in petty fights on the comments with the people who say things like “I’d pay MC 100$ to kiss my cheek” 
  • he just doesn’t want people saying those kinds of things to MC
  • BUT when he and MC take photos together both their fans just join into one mega mess of people screaming for Zen or MC


  • not nice does not like it
  • why are all these men saying things about MC. MC is in a commited relationship. why are all these men asking MC to kiss them on the comments of a cosplay photoset
  • he understands they’re mesmerized by MC
  • but he just. dislikes it and finds it a bit pathetic to beg for MC to “be theirs” like that
  • he can’t help but smile with some sort of malice when there is a photo of MC and him being close that appears on the internet so he can watch all the comments whining about how MC is taken


  • MC’s fanclub is so amazing?? they’ve got a webpage
  • which is now managed by 707
  • since he can’t really be too well known he enjoys watching MC’s fame
  • he also sometimes dresses up as a maid with his wig and poses with MC using the name “Mary” and making MC’s fans believe he is MC’s bestie
  • both him and MC just laugh out loud reading all the thirsty comments because occasionally there’s a comment talking about how hot and feminine Mary is