things the shadowhunters fandom tends to forget but shouldn’t:

◾ magnus isn’t weak and could easily carry alec around
◾ alec is gay
◾ magnus is bisexual
◾ luke garroway is a main character
◾ as much as i love lydia, she isn’t
◾ neither is raphael
◾ raj isn’t a villain
◾ magnus isn’t just alec’s love interest but a fully layed-out character with his own path
◾ everyone is flawed
◾ jace has ptsd
◾ izzy isn’t just a pretty face (she is a genius)
◾ clalec is just a fucked-up crack ship
◾ magnus is extremely powerful (yet he is still kind and compassionate)
◾ luke and magnus have both been through a lot and haven’t turned to the dark side
◾ 4/7 of the main characters are pocs, stop whitewashing them
◾ verbal abuse is still abuse
◾ characters are allowed to make mistakes

feel free to add more if you think of something else