Things that still got me fucked up about the Malec wedding kiss™:

  1. War of hearts
  2. Magnus telling Maryse that this is between him and Alec
  3. The staring competition between Magnus and Alec
  4. The way Alec looks so sure of himself as he starts walking towards Magnus 
  5. “Enough” 
  6. Alec grabbing Magnus by the lapels 
  7. The nose scrunch™ 
  8. Alec stopping the kiss to look at Magnus
  9. Magnus chasing after the kiss
  10. Alec not caring that he’s in front of everyone and going back in for a second kiss
  11. Magnus’ little smile as he sees Alec leaning back in for another kiss

ok im gonna try to put this into words 

izzy and raphael basically got high from raphael drinking izzy’s blood right? and it made them feel things for each other? so if simon drank jace’s blood (and his blood is probably even more potent than izzy’s because of the pure angel stuff),, why didn’t they seem very affected?

my explanation: simon and jace already feel all those feelings for each other and they’re used to not showing them so they didn’t really feel any different after

anyways in conclusion jace and simon are in love