The Evolution of Superhero Icons

Florida-based designer Eric Snapper and PicClick team have designed amazing GIFs chronicling the evolution of three iconic superheroes’ logos. Now you can sit down, relax and view the transformation of Batman’s Spiderman’s, and Superman’s legendary icons. Although they have endured modifications within several decades, each logo has remained authentic to its crime-fighting origins.

via PicClick 


CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music

Cymatics is the science of making audio frequencies visible. Cymatics could be achieved through numerous experiments, which study the relationship between sound (vibrations) and liquid. New Zealand-based musician Nigel Standord and director Shahir Daud composed a music video performing a cymatics experiment using different instruments, such as Chladni Plate (Figure 1). When sand is poured on the metal plate, different patterns are form in relation to the pitch of the sound. To learn more about how each individual instrument was used in Stanford’s project, visit CYMATICS: Behind the Scenes. The single responsible for the audio frequency and stunning cinematography comes from Stanford’s album Solar Echoes

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