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im wondering who these 'a lot of autistic ppl' who are uncomfortable with the headcanon are bc i have not seen one

I’ve already found so many allistic people who are disgusted by the headcanon, and I’ve yet to find an autistic person who is uncomfortable with it. That isn’t to say that those autistic people don’t exist–they might be keeping that opinion to themselves–but either a) they accept that it’s a personal discomfort and that other autistic people being happy about it is okay; b) they think there’s only a certain way to be autistic even though autism is a broad spectrum

I’ve encountered b) before, when I was discussing an autistic character with another autistic person. That person was arguing that the character wasn’t a good representation of autistic people because the character was chatty and cute, which…no. I was a chatty, adorable little autistic child who could tell you everything about all 150 Pokemon and would tell you everything about all 150 Pokemon. People thought I was cool because I could help them beat the games and I was cute because I did “the hamster thing” (my stim). Boys literally fought over who got to hang out with me in elementary school because of it. It wasn’t until later that I became ashamed of all of it and felt stupid and unlikable, and that’s when I stopped talking nearly as much. Many autistic people are quiet, but not all of them are. I support all autistic people, even if they’re on a different part of the spectrum than I am. 

nós não somos mais nada e tudo que restou foi aquela foto que você odeia. eu sempre amei o seu sorriso, mas você sempre odiou. então guardei o teu resquício de alegria como quem guarda o último biscoito pra alguém. mas hoje nada disso faz mais sentido. deve ser hora de nos deixar livre.

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uhh i'm sorry for bringing in sheith to platonic kl but i'm currently reading a fic with shitty wingman lance and tbh i love it so much?? lance is just like "i love ya buddy but you need my professional help ;)". "lance no". "don't worry man i'm here to share my expertise". "oh my god"

nO WINGMAN LANCE IS SO GOOD I AGREE!!!!! omg what fic is this im so curious i’d love to check it out. 

im currently working on a fic where keith and lance become new roommates and it’s mostly about them becoming friends and keith finding a friend and opening up to lance. i havent decided if im gonna do a spin off or if it’ll be a chapter, but then they’re hanging out one day where shiro works and shiro and keith are best friends and lance clocks onto keith’s crush on shiro immediately and is like “what was that.” keith is like “what?” lance just “…… okay listen i know things so follow my lead and this will all work out great here’s what we’re gonna do” “we?” “yes we im invested in this now” 


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How would Shiro react seeing Keith's vlog?

To put it in the simplest form, Shiro’s going to love the ever-living fuck out of that boy for the rest of their lives. 

No, but seriously – we clearly know how much Shiro means to Keith in the series, but it’s high time we see the full extent of how much Keith means to Shiro, which is obviously a lot from subtle cues but in his VLOG I want to hear him outright talk about how much faith he has in Keith, how much he appreciates him, how much he cares about him, how much he loves him. I have a need. A serious need.